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Angels by Sharae
Original Fine Art Angel Paintings
" And God Was Waiting "

December 26, 2004

24 x 30 Acrylic

As everyone else, as the news came in of the tsunami of December 26, 2004 I sat contemplating the enormity of this many spirits crossing over at one time. How do you find comfort in this? How do the victims and their families find comfort ? There has to be a way to ease the pain of the heart ... some peace ... even if we cannot understand it all at this time. I was immediately given a vision in my head as a feeling of great love and compassion washed over me. and knew this to be my next painting I asked what is the name of this painting ? Again, an immediate answer ... " And God Was Waiting ". I have tried to convey on canvas the image in my mind's eye of what I was given. By no means does it capture the multitudes and multitudes of Angels that were waiting to help these thousands of spirits with so much love through their transition. I hope it will bring some comfort.
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