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Guardian Angel Paintings ~ 

I will create a custom painting of " Your " Guardian Angel.
Each painting is unique and is an original hand painted fine art painting. Included will be " Your " personal message from " Your " Guardian Angel and will be sent along with the painting. These paintings can be given as a gift as I ask God and Their Angel's permission and guidance in the creation of this painting. The recipient does not need to be aware the gift is being created especially for them.

Archangel Paintings ~ 

Paintings of Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel ~
A personal message is included with an Archangel Painting. There is an Archangel List with all of the Archangels listed so you can either make your own choice or leave it to whichever Archangel wishes to come forth for you.

Relationship/Love Angel Paintings ~ 

A Relationship Angel oversees a Marriage, love relationship, friendship , Mother and child , Father and child, Grandparents , Aunts and Uncles, Business ~ any relationship where there is a strong connection. A Relationship Angel works with the individual's Guardian Angels reinforcing the union. Gives additional guidance to each party and oversees the work and higher purpose of the relationship. Included along with will be a personal message from the union's Relationship Angel and will be sent along with the paintings.I have individuals who are wanting a Love Relationship in their lives order a personalized Relationship/Love Angel painting attuned to them to attract a significant love relationship into their lives... it is placing the intent in motion ... "The Power of Attraction". 

Angel of Comfort ~  

God will send his Angels to comfort us... God's Angels - Healing for grief and loss... People have always looked to the Angels for comfort and reassurance ... an Angel's presence bringing compassion and love ... personalized just for you and yours ... a continuing expression of love and support with loving thoughts in sympathy or for someone needing comfort in their time of grieving ... Grief is the reaction to loss. Losses can range from loss of employment, divorce, pets, status, a sense of safety, order, possessions, to the loss of the people nearest to us... Be Comforted in the healing times of loss, anger, anxiety, loneliness, sickness, death elegant sympathy gift when there needs to be more than flowers 

Angel of Prosperity ~

This is Your Angel of Prosperity Created Specifically for You and you are asking for their help in bringing forth the vibration of creating prosperity and abundance into your reality. Your Prosperity Angel assists you in changing your core beliefs, feelings, known and unknown about Prosperity (money). Your Prosperity Angel persists in bringing prosperity awareness in a positive way into your vibration helping you to change your mind set and physical being into an attraction magnet. With the assistance of your Prosperity Angel you strengthen your knowingness of your ability of creating the prosperity you want in your life. As you realize this and put it into motion ... your Prosperity Angel then assists you in even more ways to open, allow, accept and receive prosperity as your given right in this abundant universe. Fear and lack are not part of the prosperity and abundance vibration and does not recognize it. Your Angel of Prosperity brings into your realm of being your affirmation and intent of unlimited prosperity and abundance created and manifested by you. Having a physical reminder to glance at during your day helps to reinforce even in a subconscious way your positive attitude and intent of having good fortune and success in your life and truly puts a smile on your face, joy in your heart that you are staying focused on your goal of having and creating the abundant universe that surrounds you and your personal world.

Angel of Reiki ~

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy (the name literally means Universal Life Force Energy) ...wonderful for healing rooms, meditation rooms, Reiki practitioner or Reiki Master, Alternative Healing Centers... The angels love working with this healing energy.

Indigo and Crystal Child Angel Paintings ~ 

An Angel in addition to the Guardian Angel who's specific assignment is to work with these 'Special Children' who's purpose is humanitarian. These paintings are individualized and personalized for each child. They are to calm, balance and restore their energies ... it is recommended they be hung in the individual's bedroom.

Angel of Healing ~

Angelic Art - Alternative & Spiritual Healing Therapy

"Each day, more and more documented proof is coming through from the medical fields proving that Art and Music are truly a recognized healing tool to be used by everyone. Whether it be in participation, gazing upon or listening ... Art heals. This has always been known in the Alternative and Holistic medicines, but now is being used more and more in the traditional medicines opening up a whole new train of thought causing many, many positive results benefiting all. I look forward to it becoming an everyday occurrence ... just as a standard prescription is used."... Read more about Angelic Art Heals

As more and more alternative and spiritual healing are being studied and documented they are finding that all forms of upliftment heals the body, mind and spirit. Angelic art falls within this category by uplifting the spirit. I do not claim Angel paintings create physical healing and should not be considered as a replacement for necessary, medical attention or counseling.

You can contact me if you have a special request for another type of Angel that is not in this list 


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