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Angel Links to many of my Favorite Angels SitesAngel Links to many of my Favorite Angels Sites
Angel Links to many of my Favorite Angels SitesAngel Links to many of my Favorite Angels SitesAngel Links to many of my Favorite Angels Sites
Angel Links to many of my Favorite Angels SitesAngel Links to many of my Favorite Angels Sites
~ My Favorite Angels ~

Here are many of my favorite and the best Angel sites I have found. I invite you to visit them and share them with friends. You will find some of the best Angel information , Angel Encounters, Angel Art Galleries, Angel Authors, Angel Music & Gifts I have found. Please feel free to e-mail me with an Angel Site you have found that may not be listed here, if I visit and find it will be a benefit to this list I will gladly list it.

~ Many Blessings and Journey"s of Light ~

" May You Always hold Your Angel's Hand "

~ Sharae ~
~ Angel Sites ~
Crystal Child & Angels

Indigo Child & Angels

Angel Articles

Angel Messages for Humanity

Angel Paintings by Sharae

"Ask An Angel "

To Dance With Angels

Angels Voice

Just West of Rome


Visions of Heaven

Angel Haven

Erik Berglund

Children of Light

Ronna Herman

Angel Heart Connection

Angel Healing

Angels for Hope

Angel Valley Ranch

The Michael Project


Angel Touche

Angel Therapy

Angels First Stop

Awakening of the Senses
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Angel of Comfort

Angels On Earth Magazine

Indigo Child Angel Paintings

Crystal Child Angel Paintings

Trintity Angels

Earth Angel 4 Peace

And the Angel Said

Visionary Living

Joan W. Anderson

Bryson's Angels

Inspiration Line


Anne's Place



Christkindlmarkt Inc.

Hear the Angels Whisper

The Angel Festival

Oprahs' Angel Network

Angel Academy

Where Angels Are Found

Gabriel's Earth Angels

Angels Landing Country Inn

Chemo Angels

Appealing Angels

Angel Healers


Every Body's Angel

Archangel Michael's
Gift to You
Google Angels by Sharae
" Angels are the loving presence of God... they are the messengers of God and carry God's grace to us in ways that we can directly experience and to which we can relate. Angels bring us very personal and precise assistance that we can immediately receive and act upon. My mission in life is to lead people to this vast resource. Pulling in your Angels for support at any given juncture - whether you're in a traffic jam or a church pew - is a wondrous tool in our stressful society. Calling upon Angels is a practice that spans all major spiritual traditions and has proven itself effective for thousands of years. Today we are living in a time when huge numbers of people across the globe are rediscovering the full power of having the proverbial " Angel in their corner "

Christopher Dilts
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Llewellyn & Juliana
Journey to the Angels
The Healing Pool
Earth Angel
Music by Llewellyn & Juliana
New Angel DVD !

Sharae's paintings are featured on this
Angel DVD
The Angel Lady  and Angels Calling
created and produced by Llewellyn

You can purchase the Angel DVD
through these sites or
New World Music
Co- creator of the Angels DVD
Angels Calling
Angels by Sharae By
Angel Healing

Angel Blogs
"Transforming Radiance"
Archangel Michael &
Rev. Michelle Coutant
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