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Angels by Sharae
Original Fine Art Angel Paintings

" For decades I have channeled Divine energy through my Angel paintings and personalized messages. Due to multiple requests I am now asking and answering personalized questions to Your Angel.The Question is asked directly to Your Angel.This is an extension of what I have been offering with each individual painting and only now am I asking specific questions to your Angel for you. I am grateful to be able to use my gifts to serve Divine Source, which I call God, and the Angels. "

~ Sharae ~

* Also included as a Gift is a 6 Angel card reading for additional information that the Angels want you to know ... this may 
or may not pertain to the question or questions that you have asked...  

Email me to ask Your Angel a Question using the submit box below. I will contact your Angel and give you their answer. 
 One Question is $26.00 - Three Questions is $53.00 Questions answered only when payment is received 
You can expect your answer as soon as possible (within 72 business hours). Questions are answered in the order they are received. Patience is requested while waiting for your reply. 
To Submit Question follow steps below ~ 

Ask your question as precise as possible in order to receive a clearer answer.  
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**Note**  General questions about ordering an Angel Painting need to be directed 
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Statement/disclaimer:  One always has free will to make their own choices and choose the paths and directions of life. We are all here to exercise free will and discernment in all things including readings. I ask God and the Angels to watch over the recipient and guide them in their interpretation of the message.
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"I feel honored and privileged to be able to help people and I am grateful to be able to use my gifts to serve the Angels and Divine Source, which I call God.

I work from the heart ... the only way I know to serve"

... Sharae

Sharae is a published author in magazines and ezines. She is also an ordained non-denominational minister and works with Reiki.