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Choose an Angel Art Print from any of my Angel Print Galleries
 which can then be personalized with a channeled Angel message specifically for whom the print has been purchased for ... *The Order has to Be Placed From This Page to include the Angelic channeled message ... Prices  & Purchase buttons are below... I must have the name for whom this Angel Print is for so the message is correct for them and the name of the Angel Print you have chosen.

the ordering is very basic as the print comes in 2 sizes only 
8.5 x 11 or 11 x 14 ... it comes in a resealable clear cellophane sleeve so it makes it perfect for gift giving ... No Other Print Specials Are Available with the "Angel Print with "Personalized" Angel Message"...
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Original painting by Sharae
Prints available in two sizes 8.5 x 11"  or 11" x 14"
unmatted ~ printed on archival paper 
Angel Print 
  with Personalized Channeled Message

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8.5 x 11 ... 46.95

11 x 14 ... 59.95

Signed Print
In resealable cellophane sleeve - Great for Gift Giving

the *Name of The Print you have chosen and the *Name For Whom The Print Is For can be included in an email to me as soon as I have acknowledged that I have received your order through email ...

Free shipping USA Only- * Due to increase in International shipping charges I can no longer offer "free shipping"for International Print Orders

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*Remember ... I will need the name of the Angel Print and the Name for Whom the Print is for to be able to include the personalized Angel Message
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