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God's Angels ... Healing for Grief & Loss & Sympathy

Angels by Sharae
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God will send his Angels to comfort us... Healing for grief & loss ... People have always looked to the Angels for comfort and reassurance ... an Angel's presence bringing compassion and love ... personalized just for you and yours ... a continuing expression of love and support with loving thoughts in sympathy or for someone needing comfort in their time of grieving. ...

There are no words when someone has  experienced the loss of a loved one and when flowers aren't enough to express your caring ... an elegant way to comfort the heart ... a personalized Angel of Comfort painting created especially for the family or person you want to bring comfort to ...



Angel of Comfort painting sample ~ original created by Sharae

This image is just a sample ... TO ORDER one especially for your needs visit this page...The Angel of Comfort

The Angel of Comfort
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~ How the Angel painting is created ~
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Grief is the reaction to loss. Losses can range from loss of employment, divorce, pets, status, a sense of safety, order, possessions, to the loss of the people nearest to us.
"Blessed are they who mourn,for they will be comforted." ... Matthew 5:4
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Personalized Sympathy gift in the form of an Angel ... and will fit all of these needs ... ...
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~There are many forms of Grief ... read definition below ~ 
" Angels are for Everyone "
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Hi Sharae,  Letting you know that your 'Angel of Comfort' Painting that you did for J (N's wife) is safely back in the UK and J is in tears (joyful tears)... as she layed the painting on her chair in her boutique and went to close up for the day she came back and she saw clearly and vividly; N and his mom and her mom and dad... she is in a state of bliss and shock at the same time.  

When we gave her the painting in Cancun she could see and feel the energy of N and continued to see different images and couldn't quit staring at the picture... now that it is in the UK and in their home, I know that magic will continue to happen more and more in her life!  And that is what I told her when we had to leave each other, I could  feel N right next to me as we (J and I) both had our eyes filled with tears, and N said, 'Tell her the painting will create magic in her life'... and I let her know that N told me to say that... now she truly sees and feels the 'magic'!    

We can't thank you enough for the 'magic' you have brought to life for our dear friend J:)  She is forever blessed with N's memory's through the painting you created for her!

Many Blessings to you dear Sharae!

Love and Hugs,


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"The Angel of Comfort" is appropriate for many things, someone who is facing an illness, a surgery, a trying time, a child who is afraid of the dark, etc... someone who needs that reassurance they are not alone for whatever reason. They can be comforted by
having an "Angel of Comfort" painting created specifically for them or they can also benefit from the print of "The Angel of Comfort"
in the Angel Print Gallery.