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Angel Painting of the Angel of Reiki

Personalized & Individualized for each Person - No two are alike

wonderful for healing rooms, meditation rooms, Reiki practitioner or Reiki Master, Alternative Healing Centers ...
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Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy (the name literally means Universal Life Force Energy) ...


"Judy is a dear friend and Reiki master who actually sees the Angels during her Reiki healing sessions. She has told me that Archangel Raphael quite often makes an appearance during a healing session along with the other healing Angels." .... Sharae 


"As a Reiki master and practitioner, whenever I am in a Reiki session the client's angels appear to me almost immediately.  They assist me in where the energy should be concentrated and also give me any information that might be needed toward that client's healing.  They additionally assist with a terminally ill person to guide them into their journey into the spirit world.  At first this was strange to me as I had thought they would HEAL them and not assit them to "die" however, the angels have educated me that death is just one other way to heal and indeed showed me visions of the person whole and healthy after "death".  Their energy is gentle and radiant and there is nothing but a constant message of God's love throughout the entire process.  Nothing is more beautiful than to see someone gently drift from this world into God's world with the assistance of their angels!"
Judy Hyman
Reiki Master
Delmar, MD

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Angel  of Reiki created for a Reiki healer~ this is now in their Private Collection
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