"Your" Personal Angel of Prosperity
      "Your" Personal Angels of Abundance

"Angel of Prosperity" Personalized Original Angel Painting ...   
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Angels by Sharae
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~ "Angel of Prosperity" Personalized Original Angel Painting ~

Created specifically for you with a Personalized message
~ name will need to be furnished for whom the painting is being created for ~

Original Canvas Fine Art Painting ... Each Painting is Different

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Fine Art Canvas:
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~ Your Angel of Prosperity ~

This is Your Angel of Prosperity Created Specifically for You and you are asking for their help in bringing forth the vibration of creating prosperity and abundance into your reality. Your Prosperity Angel assists you in changing your core beliefs, feelings, known and unknown about Prosperity (money). Your Prosperity Angel persists in bringing prosperity awareness in a positive way into your vibration helping you to change your mind set and physical being into an attraction magnet. With the assistance of your Prosperity Angel you strengthen your knowingness of your ability of creating the prosperity you want in your life. As you realize this and put it into motion ... your Prosperity Angel then assists you in even more ways to open, allow, accept and receive prosperity as your given right in this abundant universe. Fear and lack are not part of the prosperity and abundance vibration and does not recognize it. Your Angel of Prosperity brings into your realm of beingness your affirmation and intent of unlimited prosperity and abundance created and manifested by you. Having a physical reminder to glance at during your day helps to reinforce even in a subconscious way your positive attitude and intent of having good fortune and success in your life and truly puts a smile on your face, joy in your heart that you are staying focused on your goal of having and creating the abundant universe that surrounds you and your personal world. 

definiton of prosperity: prosperous, flourishing, or thriving condition; good fortune; success

definition of abundance: an overflowing quanity or supply ... affluence; wealth

definitions supplied by The American College Dictionary

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Angel of Prosperity and Abundance
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"There is more than enough money, or fill in the blank for yourself ... just know there is more than enough ... turn off the news as  this helps program the mass consciouness to live in fear and lack ... stay focused in your world ... what you are creating... trust yourself to create the world that you want ... stay focused ... and have faith and your positiveness in your own abilities ... and in the Angels that are surrounding you ...
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Hi Sharae, I received my paintings and they are absolutely beyond words! I know my Prosperity Angel is already working with me as I have manifested an unexpected amount of money that I had no idea was even out there with my name on it. My whole idea of money seemed to change once the painting arrived. I feel the energies of this painting as well as the energies coming from my Guardian Angel painting also. I will be ordering more paintings to add to my wonderful collection. Thank you so very much! ... C.
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