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The Birth
       of the
             Archangel Attunements

For many years now, it has been my heart's desire to share my Angelic experiences with you, and with all who wish to connect with their Angels. In working with extrasensory realms, I have discovered that as we tune into the unconditional love of Archangels, we open ourselves up to the grace of healing and transformation. From this sacred space, we may embody love, and share Divine Angelic qualities with our loved one ... and all humanity.

Early one morning during deep meditation, I received an inspiring message from Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael revealed that as the vibrational frequency of Mother Earth is moving up the scale in octaves, the veils of illusion that have kept us locked in fear and separation, are being lifted from around us. In lifting these veils ... and uplifting ourselves, Archangel energies are more accessible to us then ever before. During this magnificent time of great awakening, many people will be easily connecting and communicating with the Archangels and the Angelic Realms.

Archangel Michael also revealed that humanity has entered into a most auspicious and transformative time of accelerated ascension. Many people, he said, are unconsciously plugging into old emotional patterns and mind grids that do not serve their highest purpose. With intentional awareness however, we can consciously choose a new vibration. Simply imagine moving the dial on your radio tuner and tapping into a new frequency. Literally, plugging into and playing a new melody that aligns with you ... with your sacred purpose.

Archangel Michael showed me a beautiful vision of my beloved friend and Angel Artist, Sharae Taylor, and myself, working together to provide Archangel attunements for many people. I was told that when combined with divine intention and purposeful prayer, Sharae's Sacred Art Images would assist you ... and many others ... to experience your Angelic connections. Upon receiving this beautiful vision, my heart burst forth with excitement ... and so too, love ... as I thanked Archangel Michael for his divine communication.

Once my meditation was complete, I immediately called Sharae and shared the message I had received. Sharae told me that she had known for days the angels were preparing her for a new assignment. Together, we immediately went to work on our exciting new project.

Many Angel Blessings, Susan Hart

Sacred Archangel Art Images by Sharae

Archangel Attunement paintings are direct visual energy transmissions from the Archangels to you. Each sacred image reveals to your soul ... to your inner being ... the light language codes of the Archangels. As you gaze upon the art, you are unlocking and activating angelic codes of light that have been lying dormant within the very core of your being, within your actual DNA. Awakening these codes establishes a divine link, a beautiful bridge of light between you and the Archangel. Each color and every brush stroke has been given to Sharae by the Archangel himself. The colors and patterns transmit a vibrational frequency and language of light that speaks directly to the very heart and soul of your being. As you gaze upon the painting, inner gateways to the Archangel and Angelic realms are being divinely opened for you. These gateways are designed to awaken you ... to remember your angelic connection through the matrix of your true divine self.

The Sacred Archangel Art Attunement is made possible through the energetic vibration of the painting, and through the recipient's heartfelt intention and sacred prayer (spoken word). Gaze upon the Archangel image with an open heart and mind, so that you allow the vibration of color and light to touch the essence of your being. Set a clear intention to connect and build a lasting relationship with the Archangel who is Present ... for you.

With each print, you will receive in written form a specially guided ceremony and invocation channeled from the Archangel ... to you. The attunement process takes approximately 44 minutes to one hour; this attunement is most effective when done in the evening before going to bed. Also included with the sacred art, and Archangel invocation is a beautiful bath recipe to help integrate the Archangel attunement. Before making a commitment, please ask yourself if this attunement will be in your highest purpose.

The Archangel Attunements are to be given one at a time as the Archangels designate and we will be offering each as they are given.

We begin with the Archangel Attunements ... ...

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