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The Archangel Attunement
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Archangel Attunement ~ The Definition

Attunement ~ To bring into a harmonious or responsive relationship. Also referred to as at-one-ment, the term relates primarily to the idea that complete oneness with God can be experienced by human beings.
(New Age Dictionary on Attunement)

Archangel Attunements are divine energy transmissions from the Archangels to you. An attunement is given through the grace and unconditional love from the Archangel to you, and is made possible by your direct divine desire to receive the Angelic Alignment within your heart, mind, body, and soul ...

An Archangel attunement works on three levels. During the first level of the attunement you will receive healing energies and a clearing of old patterning and blocks in your subtle, as well as your physical body. These blocks will be cleared on the level that you can integrate them for your highest good in the moment that you receive the healing. During the second level of the attunement your Higher Self and the Archangel will open your etheric energetic channels of light. It is through these energetic pathways that we experience the vibrational frequencies of the Archangels, the Angelic Realms, our Higher Self and God. When your channels have been illuminated and opened, the Archangel will then align their self with you. The Archangel alignment/attunement will raise your vibrational frequency as well as open new dimensional gateways in which you may experience the love and beauty and mystical magic of the angelic realms.

Attuning to the Archangelic realms brings with it a sense of profound peace, harmony, and awakened soul purpose in your life. Benefits include a greater ability to love yourself and others, a sense of wellbeing, better health, and an enhancement of your intuitive abilities. Once you are attuned to the Archangel energy you will have this connection for life. Each attunement sets up an energetic link with you and the Archangel. By aligning yourself with this angelic link you can begin to embody angelic qualities and energies within your own being.

Steadily and over time as you discover the wonderous world of the Archangels, you may choose to experience and develop deeper and more profound connections with them. Each time you call upon the Archangels, and align with them, you raise your vibration, consciousness, and bring about a positive change in your world. Remember, all that is required from you is your heartfelt desire and intention to attune to the Archangels. Remember that the Archangels are longing to connect and communicate with you. It is their divine mission to bring you into oneness, at-one-ment with God (Creator of all that is).

We begin with Archangel Zadkiel...and the Violet Flame ... and then Archangel Michael ...

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