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Archangel Zadkiel
          and the
                   Violet Flame
Archangel Zadkiel is dedicated to the spiritual awakening of humanity and the ascension of Mother Earth into the Golden Age. We may experience Archangel Zadkiel's potent and empowering presence through his embodiment of the Violet Flame ... a Light of freedom, mercy, compassion and transmutation. The Violet Flame is the spiritual fire of the 7th ray, the ray of alchemy and divine transmutation. With pure love and intention, our beloved Zadkiel radiates to us the grace of the Violet Flame, to support our evolution into divine union with God/Goddess ... yes, union with our true authentic self.

Throughout the ages, Archangel Zadkiel has taught Ascended Masters and Spiritual Adepts how to invoke and transmute energies through use of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is a brilliant and unique spiritual Light. If you view sunlight passing through a prism, you would see it refract into seven primary colors. Of these seven colors, violet emanates the highest frequency. In fact, the Violet Flame oscillates at such high speeds, that it doesn't simply surround and remove negative energies, but actually transforms them into light.

We each have DNA codes of Light that lay dormant within our Being. Archangel Zadkiel reveals that when we invoke the Violet Flame into action, through sacred intention, its higher octave frequencies serve to awaken these Light codes. Within the vibrational harmonics of the Violet Flame, is an alchemist key that unlocks the door and opens the mystical gateways to the multidimensional self. As the violet fire spirals energetically, it burns through the veils of density and separation that keep us from fully experiencing our Divine nature. With mercy and compassion, the Violet Flame transforms our outworn patterns of guilt, shame and self-sabotage ... gracefully guiding us ... to build a Bridge of Light, connecting us to awakened awareness ... to our Christ Heart.

The Violet Flame is a sacred spiritual tool for transformation. This flame is a gift from God, and has the power to instantaneously transmute fear into love, sadness into joy, jealousy and judgment into compassion, greed into sharing, and war into peace. Attuning daily to Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame will strengthen your Light consciousness and allow your ascended heart to awaken within the very essential luminous essence of your being. Archangel Zadkiel awaits the day your Christ heart is fully awakened ... for your glow will grace the world with Light.

We begin with the Image of Archangel Zadkiel ... and the Violet Flame ...

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