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Sacred Archangel Art Images by Sharae

Archangel Attunement prints or paintings are direct visual energy transmissions from the Archangels to you.  Each sacred image reveals to your soul to your inner being the light language codes of the Archangels.  As you gaze upon the art, you are unlocking and activating angelic codes of light that have been lying dormant within the very core of your being, within your actual DNA.  Awakening these codes establishes a divine link, a beautiful bridge of light between you and the Archangel.  Each color and every brush stroke has been given to Sharae by the Archangel himself.  The colors and patterns transmit a vibrational frequency and language of light that speaks directly to the very heart and soul of your being.  As you gaze upon the print or painting, inner gateways to the Archangel and Angelic realms are being divinely opened for you.  These gateways are designed to awaken you to remember your angelic connection through the matrix of your true divine self.

The Sacred Archangel Art Attunement is made possible through the energetic vibration of the print or painting, and through the recipient's heartfelt intention and sacred prayer (spoken word).  Gaze upon the Archangel image with an open heart and mind, so that you allow the vibration of color and light to touch the essence of your being.  Set a clear intention to connect and build a lasting relationship with the Archangel who is Present for you.

With each print, you will receive in written form a specially guided ceremony and invocation channeled from the Archangel to you.  The attunement process takes approximately 44 minutes to one hour; this attunement is most effective when done in the evening before going to bed.  Also included with the sacred art, and Archangel invocation is a beautiful bath recipe to help integrate the Archangel attunement.  Before making a commitment, please ask yourself if this attunement will be in your highest purpose.

With each print, you will receive:

* in written form a guided ceremony and invocation
* Bath recipe
*Archangel Zadkiel and The Violet Flame definition
*Suggestions on creating your Sacred Space
and preparing your physical body
* Suggestions on Music
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~ You are creating a sacred time and space to honor yourself and your intent ~
Archangel Zadkiel Attunement Print
11 x 14 ... 59.00

(unmatted in resealable cellophane sleeve)

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USA Continental and International

Purchase 11 x 14
For those of you that prefer paintings ... You can order an Original painting of the
Archangel Zadkiel Attunement, realize it will be similar to the image on this page
but not an exact copy as it is an original painting and each one is always different

18 x 24 Canvas Original Painting
( Price does include shipping - USA Continental & International )

when you place your order you will be added to Sharae's regular commission list and there will be a wait time ( Please read Artist Agreement before ordering ) so you will need to order a print form also if you want to immediately work with the Archangel Zadiel Attunement ...

18 x 24 Canvas Archangel Zadkiel Attunement Painting ... 380.00
Purchase 18 x 24 Canvas Painting
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To work with Susan Hart on a personal level to have her guide you through the Archangel Zadkiel Attunement Invocation and Ceremony you can contact her through her site or 310- 288-0890 USA. You can read more about Susan Hart here on my site on her personal page ...
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