Angel Messages by Sharae

Angel Messages by Sharae

Last Month for BOGO 2018 Special expires Nov.30... In Time for Holiday Gift Giving

by Sharae Taylor on 09/02/18

Extended by Popular Demand ... expires November 30

***Ordering This Late They May Not Be Ready for Cmas Day Gift Giving!

New Day... New Month... New "Holiday Special"
Christmas is right around the corner ... start thinking about those special people on your list... For a short time I am offering 3 canvas
sizes in "Buy One Get One Free" ... These are original Angel paintings they take time to create if you are wondering why I am talking about Christmas gifts ... it really is not too soon to place an order.  Each painting also comes with a personalized message.
Hope you will check out my current specials ... great
for holiday, communion, wedding, teacher, birthday gifts!
I look forward to creating that special gift for you and yours ... I hope you will share this with all your friends …

Many Blessings and Happy Holidays

Angels Are the Way for You to Connect to Your Higher Aspirations

by Sharae Taylor on 05/08/17

Angels Are the Way for You to Connect to Your Higher Aspirations

Everyone comes to the Earth with a life plan, a soul contract to fulfill. We do not remember what that is, but our Angel does.

One of the goals of our Angel is to try and keep us on the right track in achieving what it is we came to do. Sharing our natural talents is one. These are gifts from God for us to excel at. When we excel in something know this is to be shared with others in some way and will be beneficial to them as well. We might not always know how these benefits are utilized, but all the same they are. Our job is to deliver the goods so to speak.

When you truly work with having a knowing relationship with your Angel your Progress and growth excels. Your Angel is there to offer guidance and support and we must give them conscious permission to do this. They cannot help us to the best of their abilities without our inviting them into our lives and asking and giving them permission to do so.

We were given the gift of Free Will by God and the Angelic realm cannot go against our wishes. We have to put our intent and our free will permission out to the Angels letting them know that we truly want and ask for their help.

The stronger your connection becomes the more miracles you will witness in Your life your higher aspirations will suddenly begin to manifest in ways you could never have imagined or created for yourself without the help and assistance of the Angels.

Remember, God's gift to us is His Angels ... Use this help and loving guidance in every aspect of your life

Miracles will occur.

Angels Are the Way for You to Connect to Your Higher Aspirations.

© Sharae Taylor

May you have a wonderful blessed day!


Create Passionately and Courageously

by Sharae Taylor on 01/30/17

Happy Valentine's Day

Create Passionately and Courageously

Welcome February with an open heart.  It takes courage to live passionately. When you allow the creative floodgates to open and live passionately, you will be amazed at how God and the Universe supports you.  It all begins with the stirrings and the passion. What follows is the choice you make to follow your Bliss! When you are in alignment with your calling, everything falls into place as if by magic.  Does this mean that you never hit a road bump? No. Does this mean that you never make a “mistake”? No. Everything you experience is created for you, by you, for your highest good.

You are a unique creator.  Embrace it.  Love it.  Be excited about what you can uniquely contribute.  In so doing, you elevate yourself, humanity and the earth.

When you are following your passion, Being and Acting in alignment with your Calling, then everything you need is provided.  You become bored when you fall into complacency and move away from your authenticity.  When you have nothing to hide you are free!

Embrace the ride, as the journey contains everything you could possibly desire...And more! Enjoy the happy surprises that await you as you live your life authentically and follow your joy. 

Above is a beautiful painted image and message by Sharae. Sharae is an example of someone who is following her calling.  She allows the passion to flow effortlessly as she creates unique colorful masterpieces for your enjoyment. You can find more of her beautiful paintings at
Kathy Bradley © 2017

Angel Art Prints & Angel Paintings "Buy One Get One Special"

by Sharae Taylor on 11/21/16

Holiday Angel Painting and Angel Art Print Special -
"Buy 1 get 1 Free" ... expires Nov 30

"Violet Flame" (Example of many choices of prints)

Personalized Angel paintings make the perfect gift for those on
your list that something special is required ... a memory maker!
Not just for the holidays, but for any occasion

Each Angel painting is created specifically for the individual and
a personalized message from the Angel is included with the painting.

I hope you will consider a "Personalized Angel Painting" or Angel Print for yourself or for any occasion. I hope you will share this with all your friends ...

Many Blessings to each and everyone!


Special Angel Gift!

by Sharae Taylor on 10/06/16

Extended by Popular Demand ... expires Nov 30
New Day... New Month... New "Holiday Special"

Christmas is right around the corner ... start thinking about those special people on your list... For a short time I am offering 3 canvas
sizes in "Buy One Get One Free" ... These are original Angel paintings they take time to create if you are wondering why I am talking about Christmas gifts ... it really is not too soon to place an order.  Each painting also comes with a personalized message.

Hope you will check out my current specials ... great
for holiday, communion, wedding, teacher, birthday gifts!

I look forward to creating that special gift for you and yours ... I hope you will share this with all your friends ...

Many blessings,

Angel Painting Category List

by Sharae Taylor on 09/13/16

Angel Category List of the Types of Personalized Angel Paintings I offer ...

Right now I am working on a Relationship Angel Painting as a special wedding gift ... I just finished one that is the Angel of a new home... so the gift possibilites are endless...

Guardian Angel Paintings ~

I will create a custom painting of " Your " Guardian Angel.
Each painting is unique and is an original hand painted fine art painting. Included will be " Your " personal message from " Your " Guardian Angel and will be sent along with the painting. These paintings can be given as a gift as I ask God and Their Angel's permission and guidance in the creation of this painting. The recipient does not need to be aware the gift is being created especially for them.

Archangel Paintings ~

Paintings of Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel ~
A personal message is included with an Archangel Painting. There is an Archangel List with all of the Archangels listed so you can either make your own choice or leave it to whichever Archangel wishes to come forth for you.

Relationship/Love Angel Paintings ~

A Relationship Angel oversees a Marriage, love relationship, friendship , Mother and child , Father and child, Grandparents , Aunts and Uncles, Business ~ any relationship where there is a strong connection. A Relationship Angel works with the individual's Guardian Angels reinforcing the union. Gives additional guidance to each party and oversees the work and higher purpose of the relationship. Included along with will be a personal message from the union's Relationship Angel and will be sent along with the paintings.I have individuals who are wanting a Love Relationship in their lives order a personalized Relationship/Love Angel painting attuned to them to attract a significant love relationship into their lives... it is placing the intent in motion ... "The Power of Attraction".

Angel of Comfort ~  

God will send his Angels to comfort us... God's Angels - Healing for grief and loss... People have always looked to the Angels for comfort and reassurance ... an Angel's presence bringing compassion and love ... personalized just for you and yours ... a continuing expression of love and support with loving thoughts in sympathy or for someone needing comfort in their time of grieving ... Grief is the reaction to loss. Losses can range from loss of employment, divorce, pets, status, a sense of safety, order, possessions, to the loss of the people nearest to us... Be Comforted in the healing times of loss, anger, anxiety, loneliness, sickness, death elegant sympathy gift when there needs to be more than flowers

Angel of Prosperity ~

This is Your Angel of Prosperity Created Specifically for You and you are asking for their help in bringing forth the vibration of creating prosperity and abundance into your reality. Your Prosperity Angel assists you in changing your core beliefs, feelings, known and unknown about Prosperity (money). Your Prosperity Angel persists in bringing prosperity awareness in a positive way into your vibration helping you to change your mind set and physical being into an attraction magnet. With the assistance of your Prosperity Angel you strengthen your knowingness of your ability of creating the prosperity you want in your life. As you realize this and put it into motion ... your Prosperity Angel then assists you in even more ways to open, allow, accept and receive prosperity as your given right in this abundant universe. Fear and lack are not part of the prosperity and abundance vibration and does not recognize it. Your Angel of Prosperity brings into your realm of being your affirmation and intent of unlimited prosperity and abundance created and manifested by you. Having a physical reminder to glance at during your day helps to reinforce even in a subconscious way your positive attitude and intent of having good fortune and success in your life and truly puts a smile on your face, joy in your heart that you are staying focused on your goal of having and creating the abundant universe that surrounds you and your personal world.

Angel of Reiki ~

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy (the name literally means Universal Life Force Energy) ...wonderful for healing rooms, meditation rooms, Reiki practitioner or Reiki Master, Alternative Healing Centers... The angels love working with this healing energy.

Indigo and Crystal Child Angel Paintings ~

An Angel in addition to the Guardian Angel who's specific assignment is to work with these 'Special Children' who's purpose is humanitarian. These paintings are individualized and personalized for each child. They are to calm, balance and restore their energies ... it is recommended they be hung in the individual's bedroom.

You can contact me if you have a special request for another type of Angel that is not in this list

The Angel of Comfort ... The Story

by Sharae Taylor on 06/06/16

I am an Angel artist and several years ago while listening to the late night news, a news story came on that really touched my heart. On the way home in the wedding limo ... a drunk driver caused a horrible wreck, resulting in the loss of a child and the limo driver. This story stayed in my mind. A few days later, a woman emailed me requesting my help. She wanted to know if an Angel painting could be created for this family. I immediately knew who the family was. I heard a voice say ..."Yes, you can help ... Create an Angel of Comfort for her painting ... their energies are needed here." I emailed the woman and she immediately commissioned the painting.

 The painting took on a life of its' own. Upon delivery, the woman emailed back saying this was perfect and just what she had envisioned to help this family. I know my paintings help others all the time and had never thought of them helping in this way. The voice is still saying "There are more to help". I am researching grief and loss, thus "The Angel of Comfort" Gallery was created.

 In my research, one of the definitions that I found really struck a chord with me. "Grief is the reaction to loss." Losses can range from loss of employment, divorce, pets, social status, a sense of safety, order, possessions, to the loss of the people nearest to us including friendships and relationships. Having experienced several of these losses myself, I would never have described the pain that I was going through as grieving unless it was the death of a loved one or pet. When I thought about what I had experienced during these times I had a light bulb moment ... I realized the pain felt no different. I was actually grieving. This put a new comprehension on what I had been told ... "There are more to help" ... and why "The Angel of Comfort" Angel paintings will help so many.

 Grief is grief and loss is loss and our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies respond the same with a deep and profound sense of loss. This has opened within me a new understanding of the work I have been given and why this new additional door has been opened on the path of my spiritual journey.

 The bible verse in Matthew 5:4: "Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted", keeps running through my mind. It is through the mourning that healing takes place. This is the way releasing deep pain was intended by God, with the promise that comfort will be and is provided. God sends His Angels for all things, for we are dearly loved and cared for and never alone.

 A whole new understanding of grief and loss

To order yours please do not hesitate through my website ...
Many blessings,

© Sharae Taylor-Text & Image

Angel Art Personalized

by Sharae Taylor on 05/18/16

Angel art, spiritual and religious art in a whole new perspective. Personalized for the individual so they are making a stronger connection with the Angel or Archangel that clearly speaks to them. Each person has a feel for what works for them... it is an inner knowingness that leads them to what will be the better solution for them.

I know personally from the categories of Angels that have expanded through the years that I offer there is so much more than we are even aware of. The Angels themselves are only waiting for our acknowledgement and invitation to come to the forefront in our lives.

I first started out with offering Guardian Angel paintings. This has since grown into so much more than I had anticipated. I now offer several categories from Guardian Angels, Archangels, Healing Angels, Relationship/Love, Prosperity, Reiki and even for the Indigo and Crystal Child. I have had requests for a personalized Enlightenment Angel,and most recently an Angel of Music and sound healing therapy. I am always amazed at what comes through. I only have to ask for the specific Angel that has been requested if it is not a standard category that I offer and the Angel comes forth.

The Angels speak through these paintings with the vibrational energies of the colors and the image of the Angel itself. Each one is different ... each one is personalized ... constantly expanding with a living energy and each one comes with a personalized message. The process I go into detail on how each painting is created on my website ( under How the Painting is created. Take the time to visit and connect with the Angelic energies you will find surrounding my Angel art. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Angel Art in a whole new perspective!

Many blessings,

© Sharae Taylor - Text Content and Image

Angel Paintings Make Great Personalized Gifts!

by Sharae Taylor on 11/18/14

2016 Update!  Angel BOGO Holiday Special 

Personalized Angel paintings make the perfect gift for those on
your list that something special is required ... a memory maker!
Not just for the holidays, but for any occasion

Each Angel painting is created specifically for the individual and
a personalized message from the Angel is included with the painting.

I never tire of doing these painting as they are each unique ... every
color and brushstroke is given to me by the Angel. You can visit my
Sharae's Studio page to find out the details on how the process works.

Again, these make the special memory maker gift ... even for yourself.

I have several specials going at this time at a considerable savings
so I hope you will take advantage of them ... from small size to larger
sizes ...

"Small size special" ... "Large size special" ... "Forever Special"

Archangel Michael

Testimonial ~

Hello my special Angel friend...

I hope this finds you and your family doing well. I wanted to e-mail you on Christmas day to tell you how happy I was with my Mother's Guardian Angel painting and her message, and needless to say how happy she was! She cried and I cried and my husband just "kinda" looked at us like what is the matter with these two! Tee hee. But the most amazing thing was her message. She got choked up as she read it and I just about lost it! Oh my gosh, it is sooooooooooo true, but she does not believe it or see it the way I do. So I am working with her to get her to read it several times a day and gaze at her painting. She comes from an organized religion background, (of course as do most of us), and she is a little uncertain and sometimes even afraid of "stepping outside the box"! That is one of the things I soooooooooooooooo love about you and your gift! It is truly for everyone, not just organized religion believers or metaphysical/new age believers. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you a most Blessed, Healthy, Happy and Abundant New Year! ... Love you, V.

Family of Angels Personalized Painting

I hope you will consider a "Personalized Angel Painting" for yourself or for any occasion.

Many Blessings to each and everyone!


© Sharae Taylor - Text Content and Image

Angel Reading - " Asking Angels for Guidance "

by Sharae Taylor on 11/17/14

Ask Your Angel a question ~

"I find this to be the best way to get a clearer answer to what you are really wanting to know by asking direct questions ...

  For decades I have channeled Divine energy through my Angel paintings and personalized messages. Due to multiple requests I am now asking and answering personalized questions to Your Angel.The Question is asked directly to Your Angel.This is an extension of what I have been offering with each individual painting and only now am I asking specific questions to your Angel for you. I am grateful to be able to use my gifts to serve Divine Source, which I call God, and the Angels. "

~ Sharae ~

*Included as a Gift is a 6 Angel card reading for additional information that the Angels want you to know ... this may or may not pertain to the question or questions that you have asked...

For the Details

Healing Angel

Testimonial ~

Hi Sharae,
I received your answers and I thank you for taking  the time. Its like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. My husband and I couldn't not believe how accurate these answers were . All the things I needed to hear were answered and more. Now its my turn to continue on the right track and with the help of my angels I will get there. I will always look forward now and forgive myself for things I cannot change in the past.
God Bless You!

© Sharae Taylor - Text Content and Image

Angel Artist on a Mission

by Sharae Taylor on 10/09/14

Sharae states ... " My Angel paintings have a purpose.  Each Angel painting I create is an individualized and personalized pure spiritual, powerful living energy for the awakening of the spirit and soul. They are of a very high vibration and each color is given to me by the Angel of whose image I am creating for a specific purpose in the existing and the further enlightenment of the individual.

Angel Art - Angel of Prosperity by Sharae Taylor
They are ever changing and at times you can see this in the backgrounds of the paintings. When viewing my paintings you can see the face of the Angel somewhere in the background ... sometimes there is a pair of eyes, a partial face, will be there. Occasionally, personal images that mean something to the recipient may also be present and may change from time to time to relay a message the Angel wants to convey.
Angel Art - Archangel Michael by Sharae Taylor
These Angel paintings are Unique and ever changing pure spiritual energy. They uplift, motivate, comfort, soothe and inspire. Divine energy is at work assisting alternative and spiritual healing in the form of fine art. Each painting holds its own inspirational energy and you do not have to be a "Believer" for this to work. Each painting is personal, whether it be in one of my "Collection Series" or for a specific individual, relationship or group.
Angel Art- Angel of Spirituality by Sharae Taylor
Upon completion of each painting, I know that it is indeed meant for someone whose heart and soul will instantly know and respond to the Angel. My Angel art is a gift, given to and through my talent by Divine Angels guidance instructed to them by a much Higher Source. The Angels oversee and instruct every detail of paint color and every brushstroke within each painting ... they truly know "Who" the painting is being created for and the message it conveys. These paintings are truly an active Living Source of Divine Energy. I am only the messenger and the messages come through the Angel paintings and is felt and interpreted spiritually on a level that speaks and resonates to anyone that comes into contact with them.
Angel Art- Angel of Prosperity Blessings by Sharae Taylor
I am truly humbled and blessed by seeing and feeling these energies myself from witnessing the profound experiences individuals have with them ... The Divine in progress ... reaching in and touching the heart and soul.
Angel Art- Soul Mates Angel Painting by Sharae Taylor
I am very excited about all the categories of Angel paintings I now have been given to offer and I hope you will take the time to visit my Galleries and see how my Angel paintings spark the Light within Your Soul."

Many Blessings,

Visit Sharae's website and see for yourself ... These Angel Paintings can be given as a gift or for yourself ... creating a memory maker ... Art for the Soul. Each Angel Painting comes with a personalized message directly from the Angel for whomever the painting has been created for ...
Angel Art - Spiritual Art - Religious Art in a whole new perspective !

© Sharae Taylor ... text content and images

Angel Holiday Gift Specials ~

by Sharae Taylor on 09/29/14

Update! Angel Painting Holiday 2016 BOGO Special

You will find that I am offering wonderful savings for that special gift
for that special someone on your Holiday Gift List ... You know the one
you can never think of what to get them ... well ... let this year be
a memory maker ... a Personalized Angel Painting for the individual or
even for the family ...

The Angel Painting image below was done as a
Christmas gift several years ago ... it was a gift from the father
to his wife and 2 daughters ... You will find it in my "Family of Angels"
gallery on my website with a small description of the painting itself ...

I hope you will take the time to check back with me as I will be offering
a new Angel Painting Special every two weeks ...

The orders need to be in ASAP as these are original paintings and take time
to complete, the drying process and also the time for the personal message
that comes with each painting.

So don't delay

Many blessings,

Here is the example of the Christmas Gift that is already in a private collection ~

Family Angel Painting

© Sharae Taylor - Text & Image

Divine Creativity Is So Much More

by Sharae Taylor on 09/18/14

Divine Creativity is the essence of what we truly are. Deep inside of us is the seed for who we are to blossom into. Where we find the gifts that we were born with to ultimately bring forth in the service of the whole. It is not our egos... it is deeper. Within each of us there is a plan of our individuality and how we can and do make a difference with our lives. Where our passions lie. Learning to be quiet and to recognize and accept our some call "imagination" is where all dreams come forth.

"Angel of Divine Purpose" available in the New Angel Print Gallery
"Angel of Divine Purpose" available in print form in the New Gallery  - details

Where do the sparks of all creativity come from? Where does the inventor come up with the wonderful innovative ideas that has changed the footprint of man? Ask any inventor where he came up with such an idea and you might hear "I dreamed it" or "It suddenly came to me in the middle of the night". Even technology is creative. Look at the computer world today ... now that came from a very creative mind.

Creativity is just not an artist at work with canvas and paints ... it is the passion within each of us that sets each person apart from the other. It is up to the individual to honor themselves by bringing this passion forward into their everyday world ... each of us is different, we are unique. Each of us has something important to bring into the world. It does not have to be something grand.

When each person can really follow the nudging that comes from this passion and put themselves out there by trusting their inner guidance and knowingness that there is something more that brings you fulfillment and joy this is where you will experience a great change within your life.

Each of our God given talents ... what we are truly good at and we normally have thought "it is no big deal" ... really is a big deal and makes you different is your natural talent ... everyone can't do what you do or what I do. Each of us is important and when we honor that we then expand ourselves which in turn expands out into the universe and does make a difference.
Definition of creativity from the Oxford Dictionary:

The use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

One I really like as it is closer to what I am saying:

“Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. Creativity requires passion and commitment. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life. The experience is one of heightened consciousness: ecstasy.” – Rollo May, The Courage to Create

Personally for me creativity is a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical thing it is who I Am. It is my passion.

Recently I joined Kathy Bradley and we had a great discussion about this ... I hope you will take the time to listen in ... it is only a 1/2 hr. segment and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I have included the link below.

"The Difference Radio:
Tapping into Your Divine Creativity"
Sharae joined Kathy Bradley and the Angels to discuss Angels and her Angel Art for the Soul April 7, 2014  ... To Listen

Divine Creativity is So Much More ...

Many blessings,

© Sharae Taylor - Text & Image


Guardian Angel Painting in Action

by Sharae Taylor on 09/11/14


Yes, I did receive my angel and absolutely love it!  Sorry for the long response time.  Many things happening.

When I opened the package ... I was literally speechless.  This angel speaks volumes to me and about me.  I have sat several nights looking at "Him" and the gifts "He" brings.  I have tried and tried to put into words how this makes me feel yet I can come up with very few words to describe it.  There is such rest in my heart and rejoicing in my soul.  The painting is nothing less than ethereal.  You know that I have waited a long time for this angel because I commissioned others before my own.  Now that "He" graces the walls of my home there is an uncanny feeling of peace and balance not only in my home but in my whole persona.

Sharae, I cannot tell you how I have already benefited from this painting.  I feel horrible referring to my angel as just a painting because it certainly is NOT "just" a painting.  The message brought forth I will keep in my mind and heart forever and will reference always.  In looking through the clouds in which "He" comes I know that I will continue to have the strength to continue to help others to the best of my ability and know that I am doing the right thing.  I will continue to accept the gifts in which I am given and use them to better the lives of others as well as my own and have the innate knowledge that no matter what the circumstance, all I have to do is call upon my angels and they will be there.

Once again, I thank you from the depths of my heart for not only allowing me to see my angel but for being the gifted soul that you are for bringing "Him" into fruition.  You have proved to be a very important person in my family through your visions of angels as you are aware.  So again, I thank you ... as does my partner, mother, father and friends.

Many blessing to you and your family.

J J ...
Wilmington, Delaware

Personalized Guardian Angel Painting in Action
© Sharae Taylor - Text & Image

Relationship Angel Testimonial

by Sharae Taylor on 09/09/14

Well well well!!!  Once again you have managed to wow everyone who enters my house with our relationship angel.  Our gallery of your paintings is growing stronger and stronger by the day.  This is now our 5th angel from you in our house as well as the other 5 that I commissioned you to do for friends and family members.  All are absolutely beautiful and have very special meanings to all involved.  Our relationship angel is intense!  The more you look at it the more you see.  It seems that there are many angels abound and all are telling a different story.  A story of love, dedication and devotion.  The message that they brought forward was a message that made us take pause and really evaluate where we are right now in our relationship and where we want to go. Thank you so very much for your insight and inspiration!  Your paintings are a very crucial part of our everyday living.  I've heard it said that when one surrounds themselves with angels in the literal form that they are sure to show themselves in many ways.  This I know to be true.  Once again, I thank you for everything:  For your talent, for your caring and for your love.  We love the angel (angels) in our relationship painting and all the others as well.  I look forward to commisioning more in the very near future ... however I am going to have to build an addition to the house for them!!!! Thank goodness I am a contractor!

Mary & Jeanne's guardian angels where absolutely beautiful as well.  Sharae, can I tell you that they literally cried when they opened them and wept when they read their message.  Sharae, your talent goes far beyond what any written word can express.  The proof is in the pudd'n!!!!!!  Just one look at any and all of your pieces is all it really takes to know that you are by far one of the very best and talented angel painters in the world!
Many thanks to you as always.         Relationship/Love Angel

Sunny regards,
Joseph Jaworski                        To Order One For Yourself or for a Gift
Wilmington, Delaware
                           Quick Order or Monthly Special    

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"Violet Flame" available in the New Angel Print Gallery
"You touched my heart 
and soul a bit today" ... DP
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