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Angel Art Personalized

by Sharae Taylor on 05/18/16

Angel art, spiritual and religious art in a whole new perspective. Personalized for the individual so they are making a stronger connection with the Angel or Archangel that clearly speaks to them. Each person has a feel for what works for them... it is an inner knowingness that leads them to what will be the better solution for them.

I know personally from the categories of Angels that have expanded through the years that I offer there is so much more than we are even aware of. The Angels themselves are only waiting for our acknowledgement and invitation to come to the forefront in our lives.

I first started out with offering Guardian Angel paintings. This has since grown into so much more than I had anticipated. I now offer several categories from Guardian Angels, Archangels, Healing Angels, Relationship/Love, Prosperity, Reiki and even for the Indigo and Crystal Child. I have had requests for a personalized Enlightenment Angel,and most recently an Angel of Music and sound healing therapy. I am always amazed at what comes through. I only have to ask for the specific Angel that has been requested if it is not a standard category that I offer and the Angel comes forth.

The Angels speak through these paintings with the vibrational energies of the colors and the image of the Angel itself. Each one is different ... each one is personalized ... constantly expanding with a living energy and each one comes with a personalized message. The process I go into detail on how each painting is created on my website ( under How the Painting is created. Take the time to visit and connect with the Angelic energies you will find surrounding my Angel art. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Angel Art in a whole new perspective!

Many blessings,

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