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Angel Paintings Make Great Personalized Gifts!

by Sharae Taylor on 11/18/14

2016 Update!  Angel BOGO Holiday Special 

Personalized Angel paintings make the perfect gift for those on
your list that something special is required ... a memory maker!
Not just for the holidays, but for any occasion

Each Angel painting is created specifically for the individual and
a personalized message from the Angel is included with the painting.

I never tire of doing these painting as they are each unique ... every
color and brushstroke is given to me by the Angel. You can visit my
Sharae's Studio page to find out the details on how the process works.

Again, these make the special memory maker gift ... even for yourself.

I have several specials going at this time at a considerable savings
so I hope you will take advantage of them ... from small size to larger
sizes ...

"Small size special" ... "Large size special" ... "Forever Special"

Archangel Michael

Testimonial ~

Hello my special Angel friend...

I hope this finds you and your family doing well. I wanted to e-mail you on Christmas day to tell you how happy I was with my Mother's Guardian Angel painting and her message, and needless to say how happy she was! She cried and I cried and my husband just "kinda" looked at us like what is the matter with these two! Tee hee. But the most amazing thing was her message. She got choked up as she read it and I just about lost it! Oh my gosh, it is sooooooooooo true, but she does not believe it or see it the way I do. So I am working with her to get her to read it several times a day and gaze at her painting. She comes from an organized religion background, (of course as do most of us), and she is a little uncertain and sometimes even afraid of "stepping outside the box"! That is one of the things I soooooooooooooooo love about you and your gift! It is truly for everyone, not just organized religion believers or metaphysical/new age believers. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you a most Blessed, Healthy, Happy and Abundant New Year! ... Love you, V.

Family of Angels Personalized Painting

I hope you will consider a "Personalized Angel Painting" for yourself or for any occasion.

Many Blessings to each and everyone!


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