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Angel Reading - " Asking Angels for Guidance "

by Sharae Taylor on 11/17/14

Ask Your Angel a question ~

"I find this to be the best way to get a clearer answer to what you are really wanting to know by asking direct questions ...

  For decades I have channeled Divine energy through my Angel paintings and personalized messages. Due to multiple requests I am now asking and answering personalized questions to Your Angel.The Question is asked directly to Your Angel.This is an extension of what I have been offering with each individual painting and only now am I asking specific questions to your Angel for you. I am grateful to be able to use my gifts to serve Divine Source, which I call God, and the Angels. "

~ Sharae ~

*Included as a Gift is a 6 Angel card reading for additional information that the Angels want you to know ... this may or may not pertain to the question or questions that you have asked...

For the Details

Healing Angel

Testimonial ~

Hi Sharae,
I received your answers and I thank you for taking  the time. Its like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. My husband and I couldn't not believe how accurate these answers were . All the things I needed to hear were answered and more. Now its my turn to continue on the right track and with the help of my angels I will get there. I will always look forward now and forgive myself for things I cannot change in the past.
God Bless You!

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