Guardian Angel Painting in Action : Angel Messages by Sharae

Guardian Angel Painting in Action

by Sharae Taylor on 09/11/14


Yes, I did receive my angel and absolutely love it!  Sorry for the long response time.  Many things happening.

When I opened the package ... I was literally speechless.  This angel speaks volumes to me and about me.  I have sat several nights looking at "Him" and the gifts "He" brings.  I have tried and tried to put into words how this makes me feel yet I can come up with very few words to describe it.  There is such rest in my heart and rejoicing in my soul.  The painting is nothing less than ethereal.  You know that I have waited a long time for this angel because I commissioned others before my own.  Now that "He" graces the walls of my home there is an uncanny feeling of peace and balance not only in my home but in my whole persona.

Sharae, I cannot tell you how I have already benefited from this painting.  I feel horrible referring to my angel as just a painting because it certainly is NOT "just" a painting.  The message brought forth I will keep in my mind and heart forever and will reference always.  In looking through the clouds in which "He" comes I know that I will continue to have the strength to continue to help others to the best of my ability and know that I am doing the right thing.  I will continue to accept the gifts in which I am given and use them to better the lives of others as well as my own and have the innate knowledge that no matter what the circumstance, all I have to do is call upon my angels and they will be there.

Once again, I thank you from the depths of my heart for not only allowing me to see my angel but for being the gifted soul that you are for bringing "Him" into fruition.  You have proved to be a very important person in my family through your visions of angels as you are aware.  So again, I thank you ... as does my partner, mother, father and friends.

Many blessing to you and your family.

J J ...
Wilmington, Delaware

Personalized Guardian Angel Painting in Action
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