Relationship Angel Testimonial : Angel Messages by Sharae

Relationship Angel Testimonial

by Sharae Taylor on 09/09/14

Well well well!!!  Once again you have managed to wow everyone who enters my house with our relationship angel.  Our gallery of your paintings is growing stronger and stronger by the day.  This is now our 5th angel from you in our house as well as the other 5 that I commissioned you to do for friends and family members.  All are absolutely beautiful and have very special meanings to all involved.  Our relationship angel is intense!  The more you look at it the more you see.  It seems that there are many angels abound and all are telling a different story.  A story of love, dedication and devotion.  The message that they brought forward was a message that made us take pause and really evaluate where we are right now in our relationship and where we want to go. Thank you so very much for your insight and inspiration!  Your paintings are a very crucial part of our everyday living.  I've heard it said that when one surrounds themselves with angels in the literal form that they are sure to show themselves in many ways.  This I know to be true.  Once again, I thank you for everything:  For your talent, for your caring and for your love.  We love the angel (angels) in our relationship painting and all the others as well.  I look forward to commisioning more in the very near future ... however I am going to have to build an addition to the house for them!!!! Thank goodness I am a contractor!

Mary & Jeanne's guardian angels where absolutely beautiful as well.  Sharae, can I tell you that they literally cried when they opened them and wept when they read their message.  Sharae, your talent goes far beyond what any written word can express.  The proof is in the pudd'n!!!!!!  Just one look at any and all of your pieces is all it really takes to know that you are by far one of the very best and talented angel painters in the world!
Many thanks to you as always.         Relationship/Love Angel

Sunny regards,
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