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Relationship Angel - Why an Angel Has Been Assigned

by Sharae Taylor on 09/02/14

The Purpose of a Relationship and Why an Angel Has Been Assigned -

God in His wisdom has given each and every Relationship an Angel to over light and bring forth all the love and light the relationship is capable of.

It is God's intent to manifest Love to it's fullest in relationships as this is the purest form of love. It does not matter if it is between family members, lovers, married individuals, mother and child or father and child, best friends or business partners. The sole existence of a relationship is to bring the highest good forth and as it does this it escalates to a higher form of love. It then proceeds to lap over onto every thing it comes in contact with or touches. Think about this ... does not all relationships reach out in some form or manner and touch those around it? What a grand and glorious thing this is. Think about the existing relationships in your own lives ... even a business relationship is formed to bring a product or service to the forefront for the betterment of mankind and the business partners themselves.

We must strive to recognize the importance of the relationships in our lives ... why do they exist? What is the good that comes from these relationships and why at this time in our lives do they exist? Are we to learn from them? Are we to grow from them? What does our soul achieve in it's own growth by drawing relationships to it? The soul has enormous power to draw to itself those things and people that will help it achieve it's higher purpose.

I say to you ... examine, be grateful for and acknowledge the importance of all relationships in your life for there is a higher purpose behind each and every one of them.

One of my most popular personalized Angel paintings is the Relationship/Love Angel whether it be for an existing love relationship or for wanting one. These also work very well for a wedding or an anniversary gift.

A Relationship Angel works with the individual's Guardian Angels reinforcing the union. Gives additional guidance to each party and oversees the work and higher purpose of the relationship. Included along with will be a personal message from the union's Relationship Angel and is sent along with the painting.I have individuals who are wanting a Love Relationship in their lives order a personalized Relationship/Love Angel painting attuned to them to attract a significant love relationship into their lives... it is placing the intent in motion ... "The Power of Attraction".

Relationship/Love Angels

One of the most beautiful personal messages that came from a Relationship angel is as follows ...

"Love blooms like a bud of a rose …

Much nurturing must go into the upkeep of a rose if beautiful blooms are to continually grow. This is how Relationships grow as well. You cannot take for Granted your partner … and assume without this detailed attention the relationship will last. All good things of value take effort and this is how it should be.
A relationship is two wholes walking side by side in
balance, not one ahead or one behind … beside is the key here for balance. One partner is not more important than the other always remember this. Each partner has value and it is this value that makes the whole in the union.
Always remember this and always keep the romance alive.
Trust each other.  Respect each other.
Above all else …

Love and then love again … through the smooth and the restless times. A strong relationship built on love and respect will weather any storm … any storm.

I walk with you showering you with the divine love that God bestows upon you".

There is so much beauty and love surrounding you and yours ... reach out and embrace it!

Many blessings,


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