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The Attributes of a Crystal Child

By Sharyl Jackson 
Associate Editor of Children of the New Earth Magazine

What Sharyl states:

Please keep in mind that these attributes are not all inclusive, nor does every Crystal child necessarily exhibit every quality. 

Attributes of the Crystal Children 
* Extremely sensitive to everything in their environment -sound, colors, negative emotions in others, smells, food, chemicals, pollutants, the "feel" of clothing, violence, and pain of others, group consciousness, electromagnetic frequencies, solar flares. 

* So sensitive that they are deeply vulnerable, as well as very powerful because of their intense vulnerability. 

* They must have alone time. They do not live well in groups as few others understand their need for solitude, balance, rejuvenation, and deep quiet. 

* They must have daily communion with nature and elements. The Spirit of Nature will help them balance and clear all of the disharmonious energies that affect them so strongly. 

* They just plain do not understand "Man's inhumanity to Man," war, greed, etc., and thus can easily feel totally overwhelmed by it all. 

* If life should become too intense, or if they are traumatized or see and feel others being traumatized they will withdraw and disconnect from society in order to protect themselves. 

* Despite being quiet and self-effacing, others admire and are drawn to them like a magnet. They will have deep and lasting connections with humans who offer the unconditional love that the Crystal knows is the only true Love. 

* When a Crystal looks at you, you feel as if they have penetrated your very soul. 

* They really need very little traditional parenting as they are gentle, wise, and will be able to tell you what they need, as well as what is good or not good for them. When my son was very young, he said one day, "I can never drink alcohol or take any drugs at all!" And he hasn't! 

* They will often avoid crowds or malls, as there are too many different energies at such places for them to cope with. 

* They have a deep love for children and animals, and a remarkable way of connecting with all creatures. 

* Water is very beneficial in clearing and soothing them. They love baths, showers, waterfalls, fountains, playing in water and sand. 

* They require comfortable clothing of their choice of natural fibers and colors. 

* They require lots of pure water and often prefer fresh organic food. 

* It is not uncommon for these children to 'tell' their parents their name before they are born, and engage in other direct communication. 

* Miracles and magic happen around them - money appears, animals seek them out, babies smile at them, healings occur naturally and spontaneously. 

* They are extremely empathic to the point of knowing what a complete stranger in the street is feeling. 

* They have a fear of intimacy because they so easily feel invaded, not respected. They would rather be alone than have their "personal body space" disregarded. They may also avoid romantic relationships for fear of hurting another if the relationship ends. 

* There is an innocence, a guilelessness, a purity about Crystals; this is due to the absence of ego. 

* They may need help in learning to ground their energy with physical activity, nature, sports, martial arts, yoga or dance. 

* They may disrupt electrical appliances, radios, TVs, computers. 

* They often refrain from showing emotion for fear of its amplification and losing control. This can make them appear to be flat or passionless. 

* They can feel responsible for someone dying or getting hurt or even fighting. 

* They can have periods of deep depression. 

* They respond well to body work, massage, and energy work by someone who is themselves balanced. Massage and cranio-sacral therapy may be crucial to keeping their bodies healthy and pain-free. 

* They will often have a high metabolism and be natural vegetarians. 

* They are bright, "big-picture" individuals with an instinctual understanding of the spiritual laws, and of how it all works. 

* They have a clear connection to their higher self, naturally accessing their highest guidance. It is precisely because of this connection that they know the truth of spiritual Oneness. 

* They are natural healers and peacemakers. 

* They are multi-talented. 

* They are capable of regeneration of bone and tissue. Where most of us are gradually being upgraded - ascending to the Crystal energy, it is already in their DNA. 

* They may be individuals of a few words, but everyone listens when they quietly express their wisdom with humility. However, they will not give advice without being asked and will never interfere. 

Keeping all this in mind, it is possible to get a good picture or feeling of what the Crystal children are like and what they are here for. If you use your intuitive abilities to tune into the energy of these children, and create Oneness with them, the result on the planet will be astounding. 

© 2002 Sharyl Jackson - reprinted from Children of the New Earth Magazine 

A former public school teacher, turned tax accountant, Sharyl Jackson is an Associate Editor of Children of the New Earth Magazine (, as well as Editor of the Children of the New Earth section on A fount of knowledge on the new children, Sharyl not only acts as an advisor to many children and parents via her highly popular Letters to Sharyl sections in the Children of the New Earth magazine, and on, she is herself a mother to many grown children and a host of a weekly meditation group in Seattle, Washington. She can be contacted at 

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