Street Private Collection

24 x 30 

Essex, CT

Hi Sharae,
What a treat getting the Angel painting -- thank you! When I initially unwrapped it, it was clearly just blue colors but then as I touched it -- it did just as you said, it began blossoming. And when F... touched it, it changed even more. The more we looked at it, the more we could 
see the different colors -- especially the green and gold around the heart and the gold surrounding the wings.
My husband at one point saw his grandfather in it (who we've actually speculate that F... might be in his current lifetime) and other times I've looked at it and was sure I saw Jesus. We've hung it above our fireplace and it looks like it always has belonged there.You're right -- there is such a clear, powerful presence there. It's 
touched us as a family. And we loved the note that accompanied it -- my husband was especially 
impressed how accurate it was (I was impressed, but not surprised knowing your gift) ... Warmly, K

The Crystal Child - Crystalline Child - Attributes
Angels by Sharae
Original Fine Art Angel Paintings

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The Crystal Child ... Art for a New Age ... 
               for the Children of the New Earth ... 
                        Personalized Art for their Soul ....
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In which way will this Angel painting be different to just having ordered a Guardian Angel painting for the Indigo Child or Crystal Child?

To answer your question: 

From what the Angels have instructed me about the Indigo Child and the Crystal Child is ... they have been assigned an additional Angel to help them. This is in addition to their Guardian Angel. The two Angels work together overlighting these children.


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