Angels by Sharae
Original Fine Art Angel Paintings

Barbara Rose writes after receiving her Guardian Angel painting:

"I was SO curious as to what she heard and experienced when she did mine ... pictured on the left. Here is what she described in an e-mail to me":;

Sharae: " I didn't hear anything ....I felt it......when I started painting it the energy kept building and building and the colors started swirling like a lava lamp and glowing and at the same time being projected at me ...into me...I was full of pressure like when you are channeling heavy duty know what I am talking about.....the painting is in layers and layers and I worked with it until about 5 this morning and then had to quit so it could start drying and I could start putting on more has some shimmer paints in it in different colors that you can't tell in the picture and coming down from the halo is see thru gold....Yes ...I did hear something...just remembered it....the voice said that you would recognize this because you know it....."

Barbara: When I look at this picture, I feel so much Divine energy. It is quite powerful, like a thousand watt bulb of light energy. I feel a strong, Divine and powerful presence, filled with Love and Divine purpose. Just looking at it brings me a feeling of Divine support, and assurance. This painting is priceless to me, and is something I would recommend to commission as a gift both for yourself, and for anyone who would love to feel the energy your own personal painting will bring.

I am deeply grateful to Sharae for creating this painting with the Divine energy that swirled all around her. It is a gift that I will keep for the rest of my life.

Barbara Rose

~ Barbara Rose is an Internationally acclaimed Spiritual Author, Public Speaker, and Publisher. Author of “IF GOD WAS LIKE MAN,” and “Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth, and Your Life.”
24 x 30

Barbara Rose 's Guardian Angel now resides in her private collection ~ Original by Sharae
" I want to take the time to personally thank those that have taken time from their own busy schedules to personally endorse and share their personal experiences after having received one of my Guardian Angel portraits. For this, I am eternally grateful as it reinforces to me why I do what I do. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
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Barbara Rose's initial reaction to the Guardian Angel painting that I created for her ...

Oh My GOD! I see God in it ! I see and feel the whitest Light, almost Jesus - like.
It's so beautiful Sharae ! I feel an incredible, holy energy coming from it.

Thank You ! Thank You, Thank You !!!!!!!

It is SO beautiful ! I can't wait to hang it up !

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