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Available in these Angel Painting Categories & Details of each Category in the links below  
Angel of ReikiAngel of ComfortAngel of Healing, Angel of Gratitude, Angel of Faith
Guardian AngelArchangelRelationship Angel Angel of Prosperity 
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Angels by Sharae

 What Sharae says about her paintings ... read

   How the paintings are created 
"An Angel Painting is a lasting, memory maker ... 
a gift from the heart "... Art for the Soul ...

New !    " Mix & Match "  Angel Painting Forever Special 

Purchase Two personalized Angel paintings of the same size and receive 
the "Third" painting ...
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Example : You want to purchase a Guardian Angel 18 x 24 Canvas , an Archangel 18 x 24 Canvas and a Relationship Angel 18 x 24 Canvas ... click on the 18 x 24 canvas size below ... this will give you the correct amount to pay for two paintings (each purchase button is set for the correct amount for two paintings)... then in the PayPal message box clearly state which type paintings you would like ... 1 Guardian Angel for Mary Doe ... 1 Archangel ______(fill in name of Archangel) or if leaving it to the Archangel then just put Archangel painting ... 1 Relationship for ... John & Mary Doe ... You can also email me with the information for clarity if you would like ...  Order completed ... I will then email you with an order confirmation to verify the order is correct and that I have received it and discuss any questions I might have...
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18 x 24 (840.00)
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16 x 20 (560.00)
(single special price 295.00) 

11 x 14 (480.00)
(single price 240.00)

9 x 12 (360.00)
(single price 180.00)

 8 x 10  (290.00)
(single price 145.00)

6 x 8  (190.00)
(single price 95.00)

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      " Angel Painting Forever Special "
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Angel Galleries


*Patience is required ... These paintings are original and created specifically for you one at a time ... you are added to my order list first come first serve ...
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Angel painting 
"Family of Guardian 
... details
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New Size Offered - 6 x 8 !
"Art for the Soul"

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