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~ Gift Announcement Sample ~

CARD SAMPLE choice of Two Styles (click here)

 Very Easy to Order !

Go to the appropriate Order Page page ...  and order like you would normally do and in the message box on the PayPal Form put a notation for Gift Announcement and the name for whom the Gift Announcement is for ... I will then immediately email you the Gift Announcement or put in the postal mail if time allows for the date needed by  in the card of your choice. I will also be emailing you upon receiving the order so if we have not communicated before the order then I will get all the additional details I will need.

~ Sharae ~
This page was last updated on: July 1, 2014
Instant Gift Giving !

Gift Announcement ... this can be emailed to you and then you can put it inside a beautiful & appropriate greeting card of your choosing ! If postal mailed to you ... it will come already inside a beautiful card.
(*** Sample of the Card the card used all year or the Christmas Card - Your choice (click here) ***
- sent to you if postal mailing time allowing)
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