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~ A Message From Sarah ~

Daily I receive letters from visitors to Sarah's Archangels asking for help in finding their Guardian Angels. After 10+ years on the Internet, sharing Angel information, I have finally met someone that I feel is truly and genuinely in touch with guardian angels. With nothing but your name, Sharae can paint a beautiful portrait of your Guardian Angel for you!

Many artists of this type ask you for your name and birthdate and private information about yourself in order to contact your angel for you, but I believe Sharae is unique and guided by her Angels because she says "your angels already know who you are".

For this reason and because of my total belief in what she does, I am proud to introduce this wonderful lady to you. She is the *only* one I have met so far who I honestly believe IS in touch with YOUR angel.

If you have ever wanted to have a portrait of your Guardian Angel, this is the time to do it. The price is not expensive and easily affordable and she will even paint Guardian Angels for your friends and family as gifts. She even has gift certificates!

I will let her introduce herself to you, but please let me tell you that I KNOW this lady is indeed "Angel Guided" and her works are simply glorious. And I'm a hard one to convince *S*


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