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I have expanded my services to those interested in communicating with their Angels by offering "Ask Your Angel a Question."

For decades I have channeled Divine energy through my Angel paintings and the personalized messages that accompany each Angel painting. Due to multiple requests I am now asking for clients and receiving personalized answers from my client's Angels. The information I receive about their questions is called Angel Messages.

I feel honored and priviledged to be able to help people and I am grateful to be able to use my gifts to serve the Angels and Divine Source, which I call God.

I choose to be a light that illuminates, awakens, and brings to light people's higher spiritual consciousness and to be a source of awakening in whatever capacity that I can serve the Divine.

I work from the heart ... the only way I know to serve

... Sharae


Press Release ... read

Dear Sharae,

This is the second reading I have had with you, the last one was only one question though, and I am once again left with the fulfillment of so much joy and understanding.  Everything you listed here speaks to me.  I had felt the draw to reach out to you because of some insecurities so it's so beautiful to have this clarity as a reminder of what is to come of my faith and hard work.  Thank you for the reassurance, encouragement, support and blessings.  I thank all our angels who helped bring those messages through you to me.  Blessings and Love, ... S

A quick note to tell you that the message was fantastic and right on. The whole "package" of Your Answer and the additional Angel card reading you provided is very powerful. I am still gleaning insights. This information you provided gives me a working foundation to proceed to the next steps. Thank you so much! ... Lovingly, ... P

I cried as I read your messages...and am now printing them out so I can take it with me...than you sooooooooo much for doing this, I will study them and meditate and see what happens ...I love you lots my special Angel friend !!!! ...V.

The paintings are fantastic. The reading? It blew us away ...G & F ...  

The message from my Angel is absolutely glorious and has given me so much insight ...SL

I thank you for being the vehicle for the message from my Guardian Angel. What a boost and encouragement that is... A.

" Dear Sharae, YES!- The beautiful Angel has arrived safe and sound. The message brought tears to my eyes...Thank You! The talent you have ignited from within is truly connected to The Divine. Blessings to you always." ... L.

Like the painting was not enough... I then opened the note attached... Yes!... I balled my eyes out !... the words touched me in a way I can not explain it . Sharae, Thank you from the bottom of my heart you did a wonderful job on her and I can not thank you enough. Angelic Hugs And Kisses,".........R A

I was so thrilled to read my message because it is the confidence that I need to pursue exactly what I have been wanting to do for so long.Thank you again are definitely a truly talented and gifted Angel yourself! ...LJ

I hope this finds you and your family doing well. I wanted to e-mail you on Christmas day to tell you how happy I was with my Mother's Guardian Angel painting and her message, and needless to say how happy she was! She cried and I cried, but the most amazing thing was her message. She got choked up as she read it and I just about lost it! Oh my gosh, it is so true, but she does not believe it or see it the way I do. So I am working with her to get her to read it several times a day and gaze at her painting. She comes from an organized religion background, (of course as do most of us), and she is a little uncertain and sometimes even afraid of "stepping outside the box"! That is one of the things I so love about you and your gift! It is truly for everyone, not just organized religion believers or metaphysical/new age believers. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know! ...V.

" I ordered a painting for my daughter for her 21st. How timely was it that it arrived to the house on the Thursday, the day we had planned to go out for dinner. She was surprised and really at a loss for words which is really unusual for her. She loved it and treasured it.  she could not stop looking at it and asking me a hundred questions. I told her to email you. Sharae the words that you wrote to her were beautiful. I had to fight back tears. I thank you for your generosity of spirit. A better gift could not be given. ".....J....


Yes, I did receive my angel and absolutely love it!  Sorry for the long response time.  Many things happening.

When I opened the package ... I was literally speechless.  This angel speaks volumes to me and about me.  I have sat several nights looking at "Him" and the gifts "He" brings.  I have tried and tried to put into words how this makes me feel yet I can come up with very few words to describe it.  There is such rest in my heart and rejoicing in my soul.  The painting is nothing less than ethereal.  You know that I have waited a long time for this angel because I commissioned others before my own.  Now that "He" graces the walls of my home there is an uncanny feeling of peace and balance not only in my home but in my whole persona.

Sharae, I cannot tell you how I have already benefited from this painting.  I feel horrible referring to my angel as just a painting because it certainly is NOT "just" a painting.  The message brought forth I will keep in my mind and heart forever and will reference always.  In looking through the clouds in which "He" comes I know that I will continue to have the strength to continue to help others to the best of my ability and know that I am doing the right thing.  I will continue to accept the gifts in which I am given and use them to better the lives of others as well as my own and have the innate knowledge that no matter what the circumstance, all I have to do is call upon my angels and they will be there.

Once again, I thank you from the depths of my heart for not only allowing me to see my angel but for being the gifted soul that you are for bringing "Him" into fruition.  You have proved to be a very important person in my family through your visions of angels as you are aware.  So again, I thank you ... as does my partner, mother, father and friends. 

Many blessing to you and your family.

J J ...
Wilmington, Delaware