Relationship Angel Painting Gallery

Relationship Angel Portraits and Personalized Relationship Angel Paintings Archive Gallery for Internationally recognized Intuitive Angel Artist, Sharae Taylor. Relationship Angel Paintings that were ordered by individuals and now hang in their worldwide private collections. Fine Art Angel Paintings. Art your soul responds to.

Definition of a Relationship Angel ... ~ A Relationship Angel is an Overlighting Angel ~ A Relationship Angel oversees a marriage, love relationship, friendship, family members, businesses or corporations, Sunday school class, meditation group ... the list is endless...any relationship where there is a deep connection. A Relationship Angel works with the individual's Guardian Angels reinforcing the union. The Angel gives additional guidance to each party and oversees the work and the higher purpose of the relationship.
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" Angels are for Everyone "
"Relationships - "The Law of Attraction" - 
I have individuals who are wanting a Relationship in their lives order 
a personalized Relationship Angel painting attuned to them to attract a significant relationship into their lives... it is placing the
intent in motion ... 
"The Law of Attraction"." 
~ Sharae
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