Relationship Message
taken from a personalized Relationship Angel Painting 
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Relationship Message

Angel Paintings
~ Relationship Angel Message~

( Names withheld for Privacy )

Relationships are blessed by God and each relationship has it's unique and perfect purpose in the divine plan.
Your part is to love and cherish one another on a daily basis. Nurturing each other to become the best they can be. Not to stand taller or in front of or behind, but beside each other as two separate individuals in balance and harmony.

This is why some relationships do not work out and they become out of balance. One partner or both decided their part of the relationship was more significant than the other and the nurturing ceased. Even a garden will not grow without love and caring. It is the little everyday steps that are important to make a solid relationship.

Always remember this and take the time for the love, the nurturing and the romance.

The romance between two people is the celebration of the special, 
unique bond you have. 

Always remember this and the romance and the celebration of your love and this will assure a lasting relationship.