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Phone Sessions Available ... You do not have to live in Los Angeles CA to take advantage of Susan's services and healing therapies 
Susan Hart ...
In 2005, Susan was honored as a Spiritual Healer, in the LA CONFIDENTIAL article:   "GOOD MEDICINE: The Who's Who Of LA'S Doctors"

Los Angeles based ~ Susan is a celebrity favorite and  internationally recognized Angel Intuitive and Angel healer.

Susan's healing journey began over 25 years ago, when at the age of 15, deeply vivid past life visions began to emerge through her sight.  These extrasensory experiences set her upon a search for Truth that would expand upon many different countries and peoples  from Machu Picchu, where she studied Shamanism with Q'ero Shaman leader Don Manuel Quiespeto India, where she mediated 15 hours daily to the heart of Africa and to Kawaii, where she studied Medical Intuition with Vianna Steibel, founder of DNA Theta Healing.  Susan's love for healing and spirituality has inspired her to study and become certified in several additional healing modalities: Hypnotherapy, Past-Life Regression, Reiki, Polarity, Massage Therapy, and Cranial Sacral Unwinding.

While helping her clients kindle their natural capacity to heal, Susan began to notice the presence of Angels standing at the foot of the table. These Angels varied in size, shape, color, and vibration.  The Love emanating from the Angels was so strong, that often, the client would be aware of their presence. Time and again the Angels offered guidance for Susan to share with her clients. As she began to channel these messages, Susan noticed the tremendous physical, spiritual and emotional resonance it had on her clients.  These timely, honest, Inspiring, and heart-warming messages "were truly Divine."  Indeed, these experiences were simply the beginning of Susan's conscious communication and revelation of Angels. 

Transformational Spiritual Angel energy sessions are by appointment  ... over the phone or in person

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Susan Hart

Phone Sessions Available

When Your Heart is Illuminated, The World is Transformed by It's Light

 "Over the years I have had the privilege to facilitate and share in the healing journeys of many people.  Time and again, I am amazed by the deep desire for the soul to heal and grow, to reveal and materialize It's innate Divinity.  No matter how difficult our paths may be, the spark of Grace is always burning deep within our hearts, patiently waiting our simple recognition. From this Presence, we embody the Freedom to see the gifts within all aspect of ourselves, and also, the Love to touch the beauty within others.all others"...  Susan Hart

*Susan maintains a strict confidentiality Privacy Policy ... Your information is never shared
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WWW Angels by Sharae
Guardian Angel Painting personalized by Sharae Taylor - Angels by Sharae
Susan Hart's
Guardian Angel

Sharae of Angels by Sharae

18 x 24 Canvas
Susan Hart's Private Collection

Original Painting was on 
display with Susan
"Angel Heart Connection"

The Conscious Life Expo 2006
Los Angeles, CA
Mind Body & Spirit Expo Jan. 2008
Los Angels, CA

to see other Guardian Angel paintings & Personalized Angel Painting Samples or to order yours

Susan offers many services :

*Angel Readings
                                    * Angel-Heart Illuminations 
*Core Level Healing
*Angel Workshops
* Global Light Activations
* Archangel Attunements  

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Susan Hart - Angel Channel, Healer, Visionary
Susan Hart is an Angel Channel, Reiki Master, Healer and Visionary.  With an open heart, she has the clear and candid capacity to receive and communicate guidance from your angels to you.  These messages are Loving, practical and Inspiring.  From this Presence, Susan empowers you with the Certainty and tools, to make the Angel-Heart connection.  As she often affirms, "through the healing of your heart, all things are possible."  Susan's passion is to inspire you, and many others, to connect with your life's purpose and live your dreams.
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"Susan is a fantastic Intuitive Angelic Medium where she is bringing through the Angels in her messages and healing work. I know from having spoken with and worked with her myself. You know and experience the Angelic and Divine presence when working with Susan, whether it be during a healing session or an Angel reading. She works from the heart center, and cares deeply about each individual she works with. This, I have found, is one of her greatest motivations, and as a result, her work is entirely focused, accurate, inspiring and uplifting, as well as beautifully filled with the Divine Presence."

                                                                                                                                ~ Sharae 

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"Your Angels are always and in all ways with you. Loving, kind and caring they are our unseen guardians and helpers. Angels see the Divinity of Creation within each of us, and are here to bring us to Oneness with God. Angels help you discover your unique gifts and talents, and are dedicated to the illumination of your souls purpose. During your reading, you will receive clear, practical and loving guidance concerning all areas of your life, including relationships. Your Angels will share with you simple and inspiring ways to connect, communicate and work with them."...  Susan