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.... many respond after receiving their Angel painting by Sharae
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~ A Message From Sara ~

Daily I receive letters from visitors to Sarah's Archangels asking for help in finding their Guardian Angels. After 10+ years on the Internet, sharing Angel information, I have finally met someone that I feel is truly and genuinely in touch with guardian angels. With nothing but your name, Sharae can paint a beautiful portrait of your Guardian Angel for you!
Many artists of this type ask you for your name and birthdate and private information about yourself in order to contact your angel for you, but I believe Sharae is unique and guided by her Angels because she says "your angels already know who you are".
For this reason and because of my total belief in what she does, I am proud to introduce this wonderful lady to you. She is the *only* one I have met so far who I honestly believe IS in touch with YOUR angel.
If you have ever wanted to have a portrait of your Guardian Angel, this is the time to do it. The price is not expensive and easily affordable and she will even paint Guardian Angels for your friends and family as gifts. She even has gift certificates!
I will let her introduce herself to you, but please let me tell you that I KNOW this lady is indeed "Angel Guided" and her works are simply glorious. And I'm a hard one to convince *S*

"Sarah's Archangels"

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Hi Sharae! We collected the painting at the post office today!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is just incredible, and my wife is speechless.
Blessings ...E

" Sharae - I have visited many websites for angels and yours are the most beautiful I have ever seen! Obviously, because as you know, I now have purchased 5 of them! What a wonderful gift you have and a wonderful soul for passing your gift along to us. You are an angel in of yourself. Thank you and you will be receiving more orders for me soon! Until then "...J.J. 

"Hi Sharae...Our Postman delivered the package of paintings this afternoon. They are well worth the wait and I thank you for being the vehicle for the message from my Guardian Angel. What a boost and encouragement that is...Love and Joy," ...A. 

" Dear Sharae, YES!- The beautiful Angel has arrived safe and sound. The message brought tears to my eyes...Thank You! The talent you have ignited from within is truly connected to The Divine. Blessings to you always." ...L.

" Sharae, I received my painting today and when I opened her up I fell in love with my painting that instant.I was speechless and was sitting there with my mouth wide open. The pictures you have up of your paintings does them no justice... they are so much more beautiful in person. You will find this crazy but I feel a connection to this picture from the moment I laid my eyes on it. I can not explain it. Heck I can barely keep from staring at her.How did you come up with the colors you used? Each one of the colors have a special meaning to me that you used. The yellow is my birthstone color and I love wearing yellow.. The blueish green is close to my husband's birthstone color. I have always said I love that color greenish blue more than what is truely his stone color. The color blue always calms me when I have panic attacks and I always love looking at the clouds they calm me down. Like the painting was not enough... I then opened the note attached... Yes!... I balled my eyes out !... the words touched me in a way I can not explain it . Sharae, Thank you from the bottom of my heart you did a wonderful job on her and I can not thank you enough. Angelic Hugs And Kisses,".........R A 
" I ordered a painting for my daughter for her 21st. How timely was it that it arrived to the house on the Thursday, the day we had planned to go out for dinner. She was surprised and really at a loss for words which is really unusual for her. She loved it and treasured it.  she could not stop looking at it and asking me a hundred questions. I told her to email you. Sharae the words that you wrote to her were beautiful. I had to fight back tears. I thank you for your generosity of spirit. A better gift could not be given. ".....J

I just love all your paintings ! I just think your work is so beautiful and so important. I marvel at it and how wonderful it is ! So I will keep you in my prayers....ML 

Just wanted to let you know the 4 paintings arrived yesterday. They are lovely ! What a wonderful talent you have !! God Bless !....DC 

I received the paintings today. Thanks so much - they are beautiful ! Well worth the wait !
Stephen loved the paintings and our messages too !....ME 

Sharae...I just thought that this email might help you to realize what your ministry is meaning to people who are receiving your beautiful pictures and messages...this was sent to me by L...

" just can't find the words to tell you how much your gift, my angel, means to me. Or, maybe, I need to find the words.

One of the things I struggle with in life is to discern the direction I take, and to do so in a way that honors God, so that He may increase and I may decrease. I think about it every day. I hold myself accountable for the things I fail to do or do in a way that is less than what God would want. The painting is beautiful...but the accompanying words are a message from the One who loves me perfectly. I read them again when I got home the night you gave it to me. I was having a conversation with God asking why he would use a gift as a means to get to me, when he clearly put this thought in my dare you try to keep me from using a woman as my instrument of love and dare you take that joy from her in knowing that she is chosen and led by the Spirit.

Thank you for being a beautiful instrument of God's love in my life...and the lives of so many others."

Yeah! Thank you Sharae.........

I received the paintings today! They are just wonderful and certainly worth the wait. P. was very excited and then to see the one that was done for her mother and read the message from her mothers Angel was exactly what was needed. You see, her mother has been battling Alzheimer's for several years and almost died last year. Well, this year we were able to take away all of the chemical drugs that she had been taking and change to alternative/holistic/natural processes and M. has made enormous improvements and is now again beginning to find herself again. We are all in amazement as to her progress. I also pray with her on a daily basis and have been invoking her personal Angel to help with the healing. Can Alzheimer's be reversed is the question ~ well, my heart tells me YES!

P. of course absolutely loved her Angel and message too. We were all thrilled. When I look at the painting I can see many other things amongst the Angel too. Different faces and things. I even saw a face on my Angel. I was so thrilled to read my message because it is the confidence that I need to pursue exactly what I have been wanting to do for so long.

Thank you again are definitely a truly talented and gifted Angel yourself!

Best to you and all of your endeavors..... I will be in contact in the near future.....

With Peace and Blessings, LJ 

Hi Sharae, ... I am truly starting to understand what this painting really is all about, I had this painting in front of me yesterday as I walked on my treadmill for about 25 minutes, and I started to really "see" more things, I mean, I seemed to physically see other human or spirit forms, more facial features, and other human or spirit forms within the painting. I have a deep and spiritual belief that as you said, there will be more and more to come as I continue to look at this painting, and really "see" what's in front of me, this painting will go much further on a spiritual level than I could possibly imagine at this point. Finally, I just wanted to thank you for doing and sharing all that you have done for me, it is truly appreciated, and my next move is to put this painting into a beautiful frame that I can keep with me for the rest of my life, thanks once again, God bless -....AM. 

 Hello my special Angel friend...

I hope this finds you and your family doing well. I wanted to e-mail you on Christmas day to tell you how happy I was with my Mother's Guardian Angel painting and her message, and needless to say how happy she was! She cried and I cried and my husband just "kinda" looked at us like what is the matter with these two! Tee hee. But the most amazing thing was her message. She got choked up as she read it and I just about lost it! Oh my gosh, it is sooooooooooo true, but she does not believe it or see it the way I do. So I am working with her to get her to read it several times a day and gaze at her painting. She comes from an organized religion background, (of course as do most of us), and she is a little uncertain and sometimes even afraid of "stepping outside the box"! That is one of the things I soooooooooooooooo love about you and your gift! It is truly for everyone, not just organized religion believers or metaphysical/new age believers. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you a most Blessed, Healthy, Happy and Abundant New Year!

Love you, v.   


As you know, your angelic paintings of our Guardian Angels have, from the day we received them, blessed all of our lives in one way or the other. Upon receipt of Marge's (My Mother) we were all stunned to see the uncanny parallels in what you were given to paint by the angels and what is actual reality. The colors, the subject, the roses!!! As you have learned, she had a stroke 2 years ago and this painting has provided her with an everlasting source of inspiration and hope. She has it hung in her bedroom so that she may look at her angel when she nods off to sleep at night and when she first awakes in the morning. This painting speaks volumes to her and keeps her motivated to continue therapy and to trudge on when all seems lost. She is doing very well! Ray's (My Father) has also provided him with the strength to not only take care of my mother but gives him the where withall to still take care of himself, his family and his business. He too has his angel next to my Mother's in that he can see it before nodding off at night and again in the morning when he awakes. I really, honestly, know that these angels; that have been presented to them through you, have helped them more than anyone could possibly imagine. Again, they are a source of constant inspiration and they have provided many wonderful thoughts and actions upon all who see them.

My parents mean the world to me and I thank you from the depths of my heart for being the link to actually seeing their angels. I know that we are not in control of many things that happen to us in life, however, just in knowing ... and seeing ... that we all do have guardian angels that are there for us, definitely helps to put things into perspective and yields a very positive attitude towards life. How could it not? Sometimes we cannot see the forest through the trees ... with the light that you have shined on my family we are not only seeing the forest but we now know that we are part of the whole process of life and take nothing for granted. For each day is a very special one and thanks to you, we know, even when we are "alone" we are never alone.

Once again, thank you with everything in me. And on behalf of my parents I thank you as well.


Wilmington, Delaware  

WWW Angels by Sharae
Hi Sharae,
     I just wanted to let you know that I got my angel painting last week.  Words cannot express my thanks to you, it was definitely worth the wait!  When I saw the painting and read the note, I cried tears of joy.  It has been amazing, every day my family and I have seen something different in the painting.  It is almost like when you look at clouds and see things in the clouds.  There is a horse and rider, a big cat (like a panther or lynx) a bird of prey, fairies, a unicorn, a woman holding a baby and the shadow of a face that looks like my father, who passed away three years ago.  Every day I see something different.  Both my children and my Mom now want paintings!  I can't thank you enough, I will treasure it always and it just fits me perfectly, right down to the colors.  Please know that I will keep you in my thoughts and will be wishing you the very best in all your endeavors....With much love and thanks.. GS
Hi Sharae,

HAPPY 2009 A NEW YEAR!!! The angel painting came on time on christmas eve at 2:45pm. I presented to the family around 10pm. It was very emotional for everybody. They were very excited to receive the message from their father. Most of them were crying as D read the message to his family.  Yes, the gift has accomplished what I hope for it to accomplish. I have to tell you that when I hold the picture and the letters and cards in my hands, the energy emenating from them are incredible. I feel so much love and heavenly energy coming from them .I just want to save the mailing packing and the bubble wrap and wrap myself up and put myself in that big envelope. Do you feel the same loving energy? I can't imagine what you studio feels like when you are painting these pictures. You have an incredible gift and thank you again for sharing it with us.

Blessings of peace, love, light, prosperity, and good health be with you for always ... Love, S and D  

Good morning Sharae,
Waking up this morning was very special since I got the wonderful news from my dear sister that she has received her beautiful Angel painting. She is very thrilled and happy with her painting and sends you her regards and many thanks for surprising her with your masterpiece. She summed it up in one word "WOW" 
 I am delighted as well as I can truly feel her joy and smiles as well. I remember so well how I felt the day that I opened my Angel paintings and read their wonderful heartwarming message.Thank you so much Sharae, we appreciate you and your wonderful gifts... J  & S

Hi Sharae, June 8,2017

I just wanted to let you know that my Angels arrived today! I know you don't need confirmation from me about your talent, and I'm going to say it anyway...

Thank you for being! The paintings are beautiful and the messages so very uplifting for me!

I wish I could expand on this, and the words just don't do your talent justice.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you so very much for your talent and gifts...I have them hanging in my bedroom for me to look upon when I fall asleep and the first thing I see when I wake in the morning!

Brightest Blessings, ...K.