"The Angel Lady "
        Children & Adults alike are drawn to
              Sharae Taylor for her connection to the Angels  ...
Angels by Sharae
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Angel Paintings
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Each and every day Sharae earns the title of " The Angel Lady " more and more with her work given to her by the Divine Source and the Angels ... her connections
become even stronger as there is so much to do says the Angels ... "There are more to help " is a resounding call in Sharae's head as the Angels continually remind her there is a purpose ... a Divine purpose to what she does and as a pure channel of absolutely no doubt with what she is given to do ... the doors are opening faster as to the types and ways Sharae is to touch everyone of this world.

"It simply amazes me on how much and how fast the categories of Angels I now offer are growing. I no sooner get the message and the sample painting of one type of Angel painting and another is right behind it. 2006 is really going to be a busy year for me in so many ways ... I am going to be branching out in many more ways on what I will be offering in the ways to touch and connect with the Angels ... Children is big on the list ... the Angels tell me the children are our hope ... our hope for humanity and it's survival ... and sometimes I wonder if they are our only hope. As always ... I look forward to the journey the Divine Source and the Angels have in store for me ... and as always ... I invite you on this Spiritual Journey right along with me ... for you are the reason I do what I do ... God bless each and everyone of you. " ... Sharae

As Sharae states ... 2006 is going to be an interesting and fast moving year for the Angels are busy at work helping ... helping ... helping and making their existance in many profound ways.

We invite you on the journey  ...

"The Angel Lady " is going to be busy ... bringing you so much new information from the
Angels ...