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Sharae Taylor

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~ My Story ~

I am a self taught artist. When I was very young I showed a natural talent in drawing
and painting. My first recollection of causing a stir with my artwork was as a fourth grader.I had been given an assignment to paint by my teacher and when I was finished she took one look at it and promptly went and got the principal. I could hear them talking and commenting " A child that age is not supposed to be able to paint that way." . All I had done was paint the picture that I was seeing in my mind's eye. All through school in my art classes I always painted the same way and always caused a stir. My goal was to go on and acquire more skills by going to art school and then hopefully become a commercial artist. Life had different plans for me...marriage and two children. It seemed every time I tried to take structured art lessons something intervined. Later on I was told by several art instructors that held masters in their fields, never to take classes as I would not be able to paint with the passion that I do. The freedom would be missing that allows me to go with what the Angels and the Divine instruct me to do. So the mystery was solved on why lessons never materialized.

In 1995, I gave over my talent to the Divine to paint Angels. I had been divorced for many years and had a decorative painting business. I felt led to quit that type of business and just paint Angels and one step has led to another....which is another story in began the journey....

" I Shall Paint Angels "

~ Sharae ~
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I wish to be a light that illuminates, awakens, and brings
to light your higher spiritual consciousness
~ Sharae ~

Angels Among Us

I was wondering, alone, lost
my thoughts sometimes overwhelming
thinking no one cared anymore
about the pains of others

I happened upon a Realm
It seemed so quiet at first
then I listened carefully
and could hear the flutter of wings

At first it seemed only to be
a slight breeze
then I listened closer to the voices
and the warmth in their words

A Realm of Archangels
very caring and concerned
appeared to help with the pain
we were feeling on that certain day

Each one has their special way
be it words spoken or read
a quote or picture
to bring a smile to your heart

I now visit this Realm daily
and hopefully will contribute
in some way from my heart
when I am called upon

Although I know them not personally
It's like I have known them forever
They have shown me
when I am looking for answers

Look deep inside your heart
And share whatever you can
A small word, a warm hug,
Or even share a tear

Thank you Archangels
for sharing your hearts

Anna Taylor

I am a level 2 Reiki Practioner and I incorporate this energy into my paintings.

Reiki is Japanese for Universal life - force or
Spirtually -Guided Energy.

Rei, Univeral all-energy compassing and all - knowing, and Ki, life - force energy, the same as Chi in Chinese. This is the energy that binds all living things together in unlimited amounts.
With the guidance and wisdom of the Universe, this is the most powerful form of energy healing.

I find the Angels like working with this gentle ever flowing enerygy and some of my Reiki practioner friends that do hands on Reiki healing treatments actually see the Angels working with them in their treatment sessions.

To learn more in depth knowledge of what Reiki is please click on this link.

Reiki What It Is
" This is my on line gallery for my Angel Paintings that have been given to me through the Divine whether for an individual or for the masses, each carrying it's own special message. It is my own personal testimonial and spiritual journey of my knowingness and belief in the Angels. I am hoping with this site to expand people's awareness of their own spiritualness of the Divine within them and their own special relationship with God's messengers. The purpose of this site is to let people know there are other Angel  believers and spiritual knowers and there is indeed much more to this Universe than the physical eye can conceive. These Angel paintings carry with them a healing vibration and message whether it be personal or to humanity. This site is a continual expansion of awareness and more will be added..... such as Angel testimonials .....a Joyous Celebration.....not just for myself but for all that come in contact with this site..... a spiritual journey "

WWW Angels by Sharae
Angel Fare 95'
Washington, DC
"The Washington Times" more
At The Angel Fesitval in Atlanta in July of 96' I was one of the participants along with Patricia Sistrunk and K. Martin Kuri and many other talented Angel Artists and believers and speakers such as Judy Hyman that shared their Angel Stories and their healings. Candace Frazee our director was presented with a proclamation The Angel Festival 96'  by Bill Campbell, Mayor of Atlanta......Please Read
Angel Fare 95' ~ Original Fine Art Painting by Sharae Taylor
Sharae was asked to do the painting of the Overlighting Angel of Angel Fare 95'
to see a larger image
click here
Angel Fare 95'

Anchor ~ Body, Mind/Soul & Spirit Journal for Women
Copyright Anchor Journal
" Archangel Uriel " painting by Sharae Taylor was published in the Anchor Body, Mind & Soul & Spirit Journal for Women - Issue 2 -Publisher/Editor Deborah Keizer

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Archangel Uriel ~ Original painting by Sharae Taylor
Archangel Uriel
Original Painting
Sharae's clients testimonials
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1995 Angelfare - Washington, DC
1995  Gallerie 500  - Washington, DC
1996 Angel Festival - Atlanta, GA
2001 - Arts Council of Fayetteville, NC "Exposure"
2001 - Cape Fear Studios - Juried Member
2004 - July - Mystic Pop Magazine
2004 - October - Inspire online Magazine
2005 - February - Planetlightworker online Magazine
2005 - February - "Angels" DVD - Llewellyn/New World Music
~ Selected Exhibitions and Publications ~
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Endorsement from Sarah of Sarah's Archangels
Sharae Taylor is a licensed and galleried internationally known Angel Artist & Angel Intuitive, whose paintings are in collections world wide. Her work was in a group exhibition and gallery showing in Washington, DC that included other well known Angel Artists : Andy Lakey , Donna Terody Sheratan, Gary Markowitz (past art editor of "Angel Times" magazine) and K. Martin Kuri (Angel Artist and Author).  Sharae has participated in many Angel Expos and Conferences which included Angel Authors ... Alma Daniels ("Ask Your Angels") and John Ronner ("Do You Have a Guardian Angel"). Her work has been exhibited at Conscious Life Expo's in Los Angeles, CA and the Mind, Body & Spirit Expo's in LA and Pasadena, CA..

Taylor's painting "Mother Mary Believe" is featured in "Angels" DVD ( United Kingdom and USA; produced by Llewellyn ( for New World Music UK.  Planet,(online magazine,_ sister site to & Children of the New Earth) and "Angels on Earth" magazine (a Guideposts publication) showcased her paintings.

Her articles on Angels are chosen for their clarity and messages.  They can be seen on
and and others.

Sharae is a second degree Reiki and non-denominational ordained minister who feels honored and privileged to be able to help people.  She is grateful to use her paintings & intuitive gifts to serve the Angels and Divine Source, which she calls God. Sharae works from the heart ... the only way she knows to serve ...her paintings are artwork your soul responds too.

She specializes in painting:
your Personalized Guardian Angel, Relationship Angels, Archangels, Angels for Indigo & Crystal Children, and many many more

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