Angels Are the Way for You to Connect to Your Higher Aspirations

Everyone comes to the Earth with a life plan, a soul contract to fulfill. We do not remember what that is, but our Angel does.

One of the goals of our Angel is to try and keep us on the right track in achieving what it is we came to do. Sharing our natural talents is one. These are gifts from God for us to excel at. When we excel in something  know this is to be shared with others in some way and will be beneficial to them as well. We might not always know how these benefits are utilized, but all the same they are. Our job is to deliver the goods so to speak.

When you truly work with having a knowing relationship with your Angel your Progress and growth excels. Your Angel is there to offer guidance and support and we must give them conscious permission to do this. They cannot help us to the best of their abilities without our inviting them into our lives and asking and giving them permission to do so.

We were given the gift of Free Will by God and the Angelic realm cannot go against our wishes. We have to put our intent and our free will permission out to the Angels letting them know that we truly want and ask for their help.

The stronger your connection becomes the more miracles you will witness in Your life  your higher aspirations will suddenly begin to manifest in ways you could never have imagined or created for yourself without the help and assistance of the Angels.

Remember, God's gift to us is His Angels  Use this help and loving guidance in every aspect of your life

Miracles will occur.

Angels Are the Way for You to Connect to Your Higher Aspirations.

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