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16 x 20  Canvas


Private Collection

The color vibrations that came through strongly for this Angel painting were Teal, Violet, Magenta, White and Gold ... which turned out to be unknown to me the colors she had just redone her bedroom in ... these colors were the ones the Angel chose for her and for me to use in her life and surroundings ...

Angel Art - Guardian Angel Painting featured in planetlightworker.com February 2005
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Guardian Angel Painting Personalized for Elaine

Angels by Sharae
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My Testimonial ...

"I was searching the web one day looking for Angels. Pictures, stories, anything. I ran across Sharae's web page 'angelsbysharae'! I was immediately drawn to her beautiful paintings of angels. I searched each page and read every word about her and how she paints personal Angels. When my son came home I couldn't wait to show him. He asked me if I wanted one for my birthday (which was in one week) and I said "I would love one but when you order it don't tell her it's for my birthday, I want her to take her time".I was redoing my bedroom with new colors at the time. My son asked me where I was going to hang it and I said said 'my bedroom because it is my personal angel'. 

When I received my Angel 4 months later I had finished my bedroom and the Angel colors were the exact colors of the bedroom. Even the background color of the lavender at the bottom of the picture, a kind of dusty grey blue, is the exact color of the carpet.

The Beautiful light being 'Elegance' has continued to stand watch over me and guide me on my journey through this life. Even the name is not a surprise as everyone seeing the picture as said 'How Elegant". Thank you Sharae!" 
                                                                                                                         ... Elaine  
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