Angel Art- Guardian Angel painting by Sharae Taylor

Guardian Angel Painting Personalized for Zoe
Angels by Sharae
Original Fine Art Angel Paintings
18 x 24 Canvas


Private Collection

This Angel painting was created for a birthday gift from her Mother... It was filled with Light and Love and was truly glorious in the energies that emanated 
The colors were spectacular ...
below you can read the testimonial her Mother sent to me ...
" I ordered a painting for my daughter for her 21st. How timely was it that it arrived to the house on the Thursday, the day we had planned to go out for dinner. She was surprised and really at a loss for words which is really unusual for her. She loved it and treasured it. she could not stop looking at it and asking me a hundred questions. I told her to email you. Sharae the words that you wrote to her were beautiful. I had to fight back tears. I thank you for your generosity of spirit. A better gift could not be given. ".....J
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